Work or MBA – What to Choose

MBA or work

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It is a very dynamic field that is chosen by those who wish to see themselves in top managerial positions someday. The primary aim is to work in a multinational company and ensure that the organisation reaches great heights of success through dedicated and determined hard work. MBA is one of those degrees that is now being pursued by almost everyone who has completed their B.Com. Thus, there is nothing unique about it now, to say the least. However, what can make your MBA degree stand out if the university from where you have successfully completed the course. That definitely carries a lot of weightage and has the potential to totally change your CV.

There are several advantages of doing MBA. The first and foremost is that you get to specialise in business. It can be in any chosen sector of yours such as marketing, finance, technology or innovation and entrepreneurship. That totally depends on you. In fact, you get to meet people from various backgrounds and cultures. Thus, this helps you to broaden your mental horizon. This is very important if you further wish to work at a company where different individuals will be coming together. There, you’ll have to ensure that it is a collective team effort and not just a one man show or dictatorship.

Now, you may have been faced with the dilemma if you should first work some years and then opt for MBA or if you should go for it right away. To clear it out for you, you must know that most universities abroad do not give you MBA admission until and unless you have at least 3 to 5 years of work experience. However, this is not the case with India. In India, you can get admission even without experience, though your classes will be with those who have already worked before.

The advantage of doing MBA after job experience of a few years is that you will be able to understand better as to what is being taught in class. Up till college, you blindly follow what the supposedly all-knowing teacher teaches. But, it’s different in MBA. In case of MBA, you are expected to excel in this field. Thus, a little bit of practical experience is bound to help you make it larger in life.

In fact, another advantage of doing MBA after having a certain time period of job experience is that it increases your chances of getting through the admission process. This means that you will be able to answer the interview questions better and get an upper hand over the rest of the applicants.