Why You Need to Ring the Freaking Cash Register + MORE

Why You Need to Ring the Freaking Cash Register + MORE

Marketing Lessons From This Summer’s Blockbuster MoviesBig brand marketing and summer blockbuster movies have gone hand-in-hand for years now from Ray-Ban sunglasses in Men In Black to Disney characters printed on cereal boxes — but this season feels different. Brand and movie partnership marketing seems more integrated than ever before.
Such partnerships have gone way beyond using products as props or including film characters on packaging…

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Why You Need to Ring the Freaking Cash Register

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Budding entrepreneurs beware: advice is everywhere and it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of research rather than getting anything accomplished. If you want to be successful you need to stay organized, prioritize and keep on moving forward. Keep these tips in mind as you perform the juggling act that is entrepreneurship…

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There’s a new trend going on in education – students aren’t getting the education they need. College tuition is skyrocketing and it’s pushing current students and recent grads into the poorhouse; student loan debt is now eclipsing credit card debt. Experts will continue to stress that getting a college degree is essential and an important factor to being successful…

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Innovative Ice Cream Company Eyes Expansion

– foxsmallbusinesscenter.com

Ice cream company Smitten created patented technology that makes ice cream made-to-order in 60-90 seconds.

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Reaching out for help is a good thing, as long as you remember to respect other people’s time, relationships and expertise.

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The Era of Corporate Silence on Climate Policy Is Ending
“Tackling climate change is one of America’s greatest economic opportunities.” So proclaims the Climate Declaration, a public statement signed by a fast-growing list of U.S. corporate giants, including GM, Nike, Intel, Starbucks, Unilever, eBay, Swiss Re, and even The Weather Channel.

This new attempt to encourage companies to lobby for climate action is gaining steam…

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A client asked me recently… – “which statistic do I need to review every time I send an email marketing message?” While I wanted to say to my client – just review this one statistic I could not.  There are…» read more
Read the full article here: Which Email Marketing Statistic Is The Most Important?

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Personal finance expert and author Linsey Knerl tells AllBusiness.com about the best ways for home-based businesses to save money while building a fully functional home office.

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One Person’s Impact Can Change an Entire Company

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Starting your own business puts a lot of pressure on you for many reasons. Your first business choices will define your company’s success for a long time, and naturally, some of the first monumental choices you make concern who you hire and who you don’t. Have you started to sweat yet?
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Is your word choice distracting people from the message you’re trying to deliver? Here are three words that business people love to use but often misuse.

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