Why is Networking Important?

Benefits of network

The moment you opt for an MBA degree, you will realize that networking is highly important. This means that you need to interact with people. A huge problem is faced by introverts who are unable to come out of their shells. This I why they keep telling themselves that they will somehow just be able to pull it off without networking. But that is totally a misconception. This is why you must read ahead to know why networking is important. I am sure that will change your perspective and encourage you to start building your own and personal grid of contacts.

  1. You can start your own business: Networking helps you to meet a lot of new people. Though it is obvious that not everyone you meet will be exactly like you, it is also certain that you are sure to meet like-minded people. This is where you get the chance to meet people who think like you and you have the opportunity to make a partner of a group who would be interested in starting a business with you.
  2. Climb the ladder of success: Though this may sound philosophical, that is just not the case. In fact, it is absolutely practical. When you get to meet and talk to new people in your circle and around you, you get to know about their field of expertise. This is just will help you climb the ladder of success. Through networking, you can make relations and then get to know about other companies that you did not even know existed. This helps you to decide whether you wish to get into any deals with them or tie up or contracts of constant supply and other work.
  3. Nothing less than long term investment: Not everything that you do must get you benefits immediately. There may be someone who you just do not get along with. But, remember that there may be some situation in future when you might need them. this is why you must think of the long-term investment that you are making instead of focusing on petty issues that are short term. You must ensure that there is certain common ground where two of you are able to work together and both the parties are able to make profits. That is what drives people to form relations and keep working towards a common goal of profit.
  4. Lifelong friendships: Lifelong friendships are precious. There are. A lot of people who meet and then click. They are people that you should never let go of. Even if you people cannot work together, you must stay in touch if you feel that the other person is genuine. You see, no matter how much you earn or work, at the end of the day, we all need a true and genuine friend who values us not because of our bank balance or utility but because of who we are. Just hold on during times of struggle and you will be able to sail through smoothly.