Why Carl From ‘Up’ Really Should’ve Just Sold His House + MORE

Why Carl From ‘Up’ Really Should’ve Just Sold His House + MORE

Why Carl From ‘Up’ Really Should’ve Just Sold His House
We’re known to (frequently) debate the finer points of our favorite movies here at the Movoto office, and it’s rare when one happens to so perfectly fit into our professional purview as Pixar’s computer-animated classic, “Up”. After all, it’s basically about a guy and his house. A flying house, but a house no less…

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N.J. Homeowner Sets Home on Fire Trying to Kill BedbugsFiled under: News

Bedbugs have been the source of much anxiety and even dispute for landlords, tenants and homeowners alike — but the source of a fire? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a homeowner in Woodbury, N.J., whose home caught fire twice in one day: According to news accounts, the homeowner accidentally set the second floor of his home on fire Thursday while trying to rid the home of the pests…

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The 50% Rule: How to Quickly Analyze a Multifamily Investment Property [Video]
As if I haven’t caused enough controversy this week (see my recent post Is it a Lie to Tell the Tenant I’m Not The Owner?) today I wanted to make a video explaining something that has caused a good deal of debate over the years here on BiggerPockets:
The 50% Rule.
In the following video, I explain what the 50% Rule is, and how you can use it to quickly estimate the cash flow you can receive from a buy and hold real estate investment…

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Advice From Fathers: Tips You Can Apply to Your Real Estate Investing

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Advice From Fathers: Tips You Can Apply to Your Real Estate InvestingFather’s Day is upon us, so it seems appropriate to reflect on a few of those fatherly axioms that dads drill into their kids — er, I mean, “gently instill in their children.” There’s a reason this kind of advice from fathers gets handed down from generation to generation: It’s really good advice. And the thing about really good advice is that it can often be applied across many areas of your life…

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M Squared’s Listing360

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Proof that M Squared is building something to last…
Listing360, a responsive, reinvention of the single property website.
Click here to view the embedded video.
What are you building that’s truly great?
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Why Should You Contact Hampden Homebuyers to Sell Your House Fast?Sell house Springfield MA
Hampden Homebuyers specializes in buying houses in the Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke metro area with cash in “as is” condition. So if your Springfield area house needs minor TLC and updating to major renovation and repair contacting Hampden Homebuyers to sell your house fast is a great place to start the home sales process…

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