Who Knew Buying a Mattress Could be So Much Fun? + MORE

Who Knew Buying a Mattress Could be So Much Fun? + MORE

My Redbox Secret for Free Redbox Rentals Using Promo Codes
Looking for Redbox Free Movie Promo Codes? Scroll down to the end of this article for a list of current Redbox coupon codes.
We rarely make it to the movie theater because they’re so expensive. Granted, we do go to the $2 theater every once in a while but they don’t have a great selection most of the time…

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Net Worth Update: June 2013

– edwardantrobus.com

It’s that time again! Every month, I update the numbers for my net worth and cross my fingers that it went in the right direction.

Well, it did this month, but frankly, I don’t have a clue how. It certainly wasn’t from income. My paycheck on Friday was just $147. Ouch. But I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth…

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General Electric (GE) Dividend Stock AnalysisGeneral Electric (GE) is a conglomerate that products ranging from jet engines and gas turbines to consumer appliances, railroad locomotives and medical equipment.  Additionally, GE is also a major provider of consumer and commercial financing.  This part is important because it gets GE into a lot of trouble in 2008…

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In The Summer I Spend the Most Money on Vacations-$480 GiveawayMany of my regular readers already know that I love to travel. I grew up in a family that never wanted to go much further than the grocery store. I’m not sure where the bug came from, but I’ve always tried to take every opportunity to travel and take vacations. When you have a kid in school and are married to a teacher, summer is the optimum time to take a trip…

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Summer is a cash sucker – $480 Giveaway

– makingsenseofcents.com

Summer is a cash sucker – $480 GiveawayHey everyone! Happy Monday. I know a lot of you have tried visiting my site and it hasn’t been working. Well, everything should be up and good to go know. Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time because I know a lot of you emailed me to let me know that my site wasn’t working. There shouldn’t be any more problems, at least not for a while! Make sure to come back tomorrow for my monthly extra income update…

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Swimming in Debt or Lifeguarding?

– studentdebtsurvivor.com

Swimming in Debt or Lifeguarding?As I meet more and more people who are paying down down, I’ve noticed a few similarities in the things they tell me. Specifically when they’re describing their debt, the same language seems to come up again and again. You know, sayings like, “I was in over my head” “I had a big hole and a little shovel” “I was drowning in debt” etc…

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The following is a guest post from my lovely wife, Mrs. Frugal Rules. Let her know what you think about our mattress buying experience in the comments!
When you’re married to Mr. Frugal Rules, everything, including your bed, is considered along the continuum of “want” versus “necessity.” I had felt for awhile that it was time for us to consider buying a mattress but it took a coil unfurling and hitting my husband in the back for him to agree with me…

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In The Summer I Spend the Most Money On My Hobbies + Cash Giveaway**Special Note – Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st, so if you want to continue reading Debt Roundup’s content, you will need to switch to another RSS reader. I recommend Feedly, Netvibes, and The Old Reader.At the end of this post, there is an awesome cash giveaway for $480!  Make sure you take some time to enter…

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The Beauty of (Almost) Going Tech-Free

– weonlydothisonce.com

The Beauty of (Almost) Going Tech-FreeOpening weekend at my camp has come to an end, and our policy has allowed 130 students and faculty present to take themselves “off the grid”: No computers, no cell phones, no iPads.
The craziest part?  No one seems to miss their technology.  
***Full disclosure:  Many faculty are using computers and iPads for a limited time each day…

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Paying off student loans is easy with standard repayment or using other repayment plan options. But easy doesn’t mean better, and choosing to pay them with just minimum payments means you’ll pay more interest while dealing with payments for a longer period.
On top of that, interest rates on some student loans set to double from 3…

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Australia is a Banana Republic

– monsterpiggybank.com

Australia is a Banana RepublicIt’s official, Australia is a banana republic (Banana republic is a political science term for a politically unstable country whose economy is largely dependent on the export of a single limited-resource product, such as bananas) – Or in our case minerals.

In an incredibly ironic turn of events, Julia Gillard got axed as Prime Minister by the very man she back stabbed to gain the position in the first place only a few years ago…

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The answer: a lot.
If you are moving any kind of serious money (e.g. more than $10,000) in the stock market on a single trade you’ll want to do some thorough due diligence.
At a minimum:
1. Do some field research: Go to the company’s headquarters or get on the phone and start asking some questions…

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Save Money by Being Your Own Florist? Yes You Can!What’s the key to a successful marriage?
That’s a loaded question, and quite honestly I think the answer is unique to each couple. But if I had to give one generality that I think could possibly apply to everyone, I would advise people to listen to their partner. I’m not referring to giving a nod and throwing in an agreeable statement every time there’s a pause in your partner’s voice…

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These days the stock market is considered bullish. That means it’s on the upswing. It has come along way up. So if you had invested and stayed with it during or before the bear market, you should see now a gain in your portfolio. A bearish market, on the other hand, is characterized by falling …

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Juicing Recipes (Plus Tips & Tricks)Juicing Recipes (Plus Tips & Tricks)
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.A rainbow of juice- cucumbers, pomengranates, grapes, broccoli, and bok choy
Occasionally, I write about my love for juicing fruits and vegetables .  Whenever I do, I get a huge response from people who want specific juicing recipes as well as tips and tricks…

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Net Worth Update: July 2013 and Resolution Progress 2nd Quarter 2013Wow, July just came here quickly, didn’t it?  I don’t know about you, but it just seemed to zoom here, even faster than normal.  Of course, perhaps part of that speedy arrival was the fact that I was running a contest most of June there’s nothing quite like having far more comments than usual (although, hopefully that will be fewer comments than average before too long)…

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