When Is a Bedroom Not a Bedroom? + MORE

When Is a Bedroom Not a Bedroom? + MORE

Saddle Up to the 50 Most Cowboy Cities in Texas
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The 50 Most Cowboy Cities in Texas By Movoto

Howdy, pardners! It’s mighty nice to see you here at the Movoto Real Estate Corral—er, Blog. Now y’all might be wonderin’ why I’m typin’ with a Texas twang. We’ll, that’s ‘cause I’ve been spendin’ a lot of time thinkin’ about the Lone Star state as of late…

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Real Estate – It’s About Story Telling and Brands

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Earlier this week, the Atlas team met with Ben Miller(ise), the co-founder of Fundrise and Popularise. Although I’ve known this for a while, meeting Ben in person showed me first-hand that he’s a real estate thought-leader. He continues to innovate through his crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms…

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When Is a Bedroom Not a Bedroom?

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When Is a Bedroom Not a Bedroom?Filed under: Buying, Selling

There are a few homeowners who have turned a room in the basement into a bedroom, or an unused office into a bedroom. Maybe even a sitting room into a bedroom. But what do you do when you buy a house and you have what looks like a bedroom, complete with closet and windows, on the upper level of your home, but find out a few years later when you are getting ready to sell that it was not a bedroom after all?

Well, if you’re Bruce Dumonceau of Mooresville, N…

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BP Podcast 027: Fix and Flipping, Wholesaling, Marketing, and More with Jason and Katherine Grote
On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we talk with the dynamic husband and wife team of Jason and Katherine Grote about their adventures in flipping and wholesaling, while specifically dealing with some of the unique ways they find deals for their real estate investing business. This show was really a ton of fun to record and will give you both ideas and many good laughs as you hear the Grote’s story and tips for you and your investing business!
Listen to The Show on iTunes (Preferred Method!)
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Bob Vila’s Tips for Groundwater, Exterior Painting & Porch SpidersBy Bob Vila
Questions about groundwater leaks, exterior-painting techniques and spider prevention? Bob Vila has answers.
No. 1: Groundwater leaking into basement
Source: shutterstock.com
I have a water-supply pipe to the house that enters through the basement wall. The problem is that groundwater comes leaking through during every hard rain…

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Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Eric StegemannIn our latest Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Eric Stegemann of TRIBUS. He’s got his hands in all sorts of projects for agents and brokers. You’ll find him constantly on the travel trail speaking and helping solve the industries technology problems…

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