What to Look for When Comparing Different Video Meeting Apps

What to Look for When Comparing Different Video Meeting Apps


When you are comparing different video meeting apps, whether for personal or business use or a combination of the two, the amount available on the market can make things confusing. Not every app can meet everybody’s needs or be used on every device. This quick guide should help you to narrow down your choices of apps and decide which one is best for you:

  1. Team Integration

The purpose of conferencing apps is to bring yourself and your team closer together, and you can only do that if the app can be supported by every member of your team and their devices, web browsers, or operating systems. If one person is left out, it damages the team and the individual’s input. Search for apps that are versatile and can be used by any device or operating system. If you work with a remote team or clients, ensure that the app you choose is available in each person’s home country, is available in multiple languages, and is stable enough for international calls. Since not everybody uses the same software, it is also essential that you choose a system that can allow outside users into your calls, so long as they have a device with a webcam, microphone, and internet connection, so that nobody will be left out.

  1. Audio and Visual Quality

Lucid Meetings list video quality and especially audio quality to be the largest issue faced in online video sessions. Frozen images, distorted sound, or out of sync audio and visual channels can turn a meeting into a disaster, especially if you are trying to impress new clients. Even minor issues can be distracting and affect the impression you make. When shopping around for apps, check the reviews of their audio and visual quality and how easy it is to resolve issues. It will make the biggest amount of a difference in your meetings.

  1. Connection

Next to audio and video issues, internet connection problems are the next biggest disaster faced by online conferences, and are often the cause of dropped audio or video. Even the best software still needs a good signal strength to conduct a talk properly and a slow or unreliable connection can lead to constantly dropped calls or even an inability to log into the call altogether. You will want to check that the app you chose has a reliable connection so that you aren’t let down during important meetings.

  1. Features

Each app comes with unique features, upgrades, and additions so it is important to know which ones you will be needing and can afford. Some users will only want simple conferencing software that won’t break their budget. Other people will require more versatile video meeting software such as that provided by BlueJeans with screen sharing, file sharing, recording, whiteboards, and text chat on top of video calls. Your own preferences will depend upon the size of your business, the equipment you plan to use, and your daily operations. Simpler systems, for example, are fine for daily chats but won’t be able to handle large conferences with dozens or even hundreds of users. Most people are looking only for free software, but these rarely have the bandwidth, features, or security needed for quality multi-user conferences. Look at the features for each app and decide which one is closest to your needs, without going over budget on unnecessary add-ons.

  1. Downloads and Upgrades

You want your software to be up to date and free from viruses, but there is nothing worse than opening your software for an important scheduled meeting and having to wait for your software to update before you can begin. You can solve this problem by checking your technical specifications before the event begins, but you can also save yourself a lot of hassle by choosing an app that won’t be constantly updating, or at the very least conducts updates in the background.

  1. Technical Support

Even the most advanced users will still encounter problems they can’t fix at times and will have to call in an expert to fix it. That is why it is essential to find a provider with 24/7 technical support and customer service available to solve any issues. Most problems are caused by an interrupted internet connection which is usually out of your hands, but for all other situations, a reliable support line will save you in difficult circumstances.

  1. Security

This is a key feature, especially if you will be sharing files or handling sensitive information. Check each app provider’s security settings and features as well as their reputation for safety to see how each one holds up.

Keeping these things in mind will make searching through apps and reviews much easier. Keeping both your needs and budget in mind will help you to find the perfect app for you, your team, and your clients.