What Should Lead Your Online Marketing Strategy: SEO or Content Marketing? + MORE

A Quick-Start Guide to Universal AnalyticsThere’s something new from Google Analytics.
OK, well, maybe it’s not that new. The search giant announced Universal Analytics back in October 2012 and now it’s in open beta.
As a stats junkie I had to try it out, and I thought you might like to as well. So here’s my walkthrough of the setup phase…

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On the heels of announcing record level financial results and member engagement numbers for the first quarter of 2013, Linkedin is celebrating their 10th anniversary with more than 3,700 employees and 225 million members worldwide. Started in May of 2003 by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin…

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The folks at Saturday Night live have jumped onto the “let’s give Google Glass users a VERY hard time” bandwagon.
Here is their skit that makes the Google Glass owner quite interesting to say the least.

Are you a Google Glass owner? Does this give your new worldview its proper due? Whether you own a pair or not what is your take on this new form of ‘computing’ or whatever it is?

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Copywriting: How long (or short) should your copy be?

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How long should this blog post be?
What about your landing page? Or email?
Content length discussions are as old as human communication itself. When Ug (the first critic) said to Zog about his cave paintings, “You had me at ‘Zog kill bison.’ All the rest was unnecessary commentary. I lost interest…

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In ‘Iron Man 3,’ there’s a scene featuring a reporter shoving his iphone in Tony Stark’s face asking him to make a public statement to his enemies.  Stark stares into the iphone, makes his superhero threat, then throws the reporter’s phone into oblivion. The press just can’t catch a break these days…

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Digital Marketplaces Becoming a Viable Small Business ChannelMarketplaces have been with us for centuries. Around the time people started trading inside and outside of their village two models developed.
photo credit: Bert Kaufmann via photopin cc
You either took your stuff on the road and sold it door to door or you showed up somewhere near the center of town and rented a stall in the market or bazaar…

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5 Critical SEO Issues Discovered with Screaming FrogHave you ever crawled your own site? It’s a great strategy to fix some rather blatant issues with your site that you may not have noticed. Good friends at Site Strategics told us about Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider. It’s a simple crawler that’s free with a limitation of 500 internal pages… enough for most websites…

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Some must-have take away tips from the Newport Beach Film Festival’s overall spectacular event.Related Articles
New Event Marketing Manual from Benchmark Email!How SMS Can Work with Email MarketingEmail Newsletter Awards: Best Post-Event Email

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Infographic: Benefits of Mobile Marketing AutomationOne of the top goals for organizations is to align marketing and sales team so that they are communicating and integrating their work processes more effectively. On the one hand, marketing needs a library of resources and a lead generation process, while sales needs the ease of mobility and sales collateral at their fingertips…

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Review of Mention, a Great Alternative to Google Alerts for Brand MonitoringBack in April 2012 I wrote about how Google Alerts had pretty much stopped working for me. Recently, they clearly tweaked something, because Google Alerts are working better, as Danny Sullivan noted at Search Engine Land recently. However, they’re definitely not back up to the level they were at when I first signed up for a Google Alert years ago…

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Achieving Attention-Driven Landing Page Design
Hey you. Pay Attention to me. Please & Thanks. (Image source)
We are living in an age where capturing attention has become a rare – and powerful – commodity. Information left on its own tends to lack organization, which is why designing a landing page that efficiently and calmly directs attention to important content is crucial…

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The Marketer's Guide to Proper Social Media EtiquetteAs a savvy inbound marketer, you’re already sold on the value of using social media. But good social media marketing is about more than engagement, lead generation, and wider reach … you gotta have some etiquette, man.
Etiquette? Really? Like pinkies-up-at-tea-time stuff?
While social media etiquette might sound like a stuffy practice, this is really just about having good social manners online…

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What Should Lead Your Online Marketing Strategy: SEO or Content Marketing?There are quite a few studies showing that companies publishing more blog posts and more content in general equates to generating more business than those that don’t.
I suppose if you’re starting from scratch, adding any kind of content has the potential to improve a company’s ability to attract people seeking to buy…

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New Defaults In Web Design: How Much Has The Web Really Changed?


Responsive design is about more than just layout; it’s about designing for the Web, which means, mostly, for people with browsers. And that’s just about everything we know about the people who visit our websites: they are probably using a browser. All the rest we just don’t know…

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