What Really Motivates People + MORE

What Really Motivates People + MORE

What Can Kill an Excellent Marketing Strategy

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As you run your small business, know that marketing and operations perform like relay race partners – there’s a handoff that happens. No matter how efficient a runner, the other has the ability to ruin the final outcome.

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Business with Australia: Play down the Kiwi bitIn the third of a six part series on Kiwi companies exporting to Australia, Bella Katz discovers that it pays to play down the Kiwi heritage when positioning in Australia.
One of the things New Zealanders do well is laugh at themselves.
Maybe it’s part of that mythical tall poppy syndrome, or maybe cynicism is in the water…

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Entrepreneurs working in financial technology are helping banks grapple with everything from Big Data and cybersecurity threats to the growing number of customers using mobile and social media.

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GRP Announces $200 Million Fund. Rebrands as Upfront Ventures

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“data-text” : “GRP Announces $200 Million Fund…

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Study: Most U.S. Entrepreneurs Start Their Business at HomeWhen it comes to launching a small business, American entrepreneurs don’t go very far. In fact, sixty-nine percent get started at home, according to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report.When we think of entrepreneurs, we think of visionaries working with a brilliant team of coders, disrupting an industry for millions of fans…

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Even if entrepreneurship is on the horizon, getting a job may be your most imminent need. Here, YE’s Antonio Neves offers up some top pointers to recent grads.

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So, you have been working 9 to 5, 5 days a week. You fulfilled your responsibilities as an employee but now you know it’s your time to switch over to the startup mode of business. It is going to be tough for you, we know but that is also a challenge and you cannot afford to leave it out. Switching over to a different mindset and having fulfilled the requirements of your new business successfully is going to be your first step to success…

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If you are not using the government you are missing out on over 33% of the U.S.market. The government gives out more money, provides more free services and information and buys more services than any other customer in the world. And it is not just the Wall Street financiers and the big banks who learned how to use government resources in their time of need…

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Think That Copy is Gone? Think Again!

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Earlier this month, I attended a seminar by an FBI Search and Recovery Diver. He showed us all of his high tech equipment and talked about how he searches for missing people, evidence, and other items underwater. And while it was cool to try on his 35-pound mask, one thing he said really stood out to me…
“People think they can just throw things into a body of water, and they won’t be found…

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What Really Motivates People

– businessknowhow.com

Are you motivating your employees or manipulating them? Incentive programs can be effective, but only if they incorporate the kind of recognition employees really want.

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Entrepreneurs Get Better with Age
When my mother turned forty, we threw her a tongue-in-cheek funeral-themed surprise party, festooning the living room with paper tombstones engraved with Rest in Peace. That party theme is now a laughable conceit — forty then was older than forty now. Almost. In today’s world, there is still a bias against older people — employers in particular often think (in their mind) what Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is fond of saying to entrepreneurs he doesn’t like, “You are dead to me…

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Personal finance expert and author Linsey Knerl tells AllBusiness.com about the best ways for home-based businesses to save money while building a fully functional home office.

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