What Factors Affect Recruitment?


For any organization, one of the key aspects is to manage the human resources because they are the one who will be doing the job. Now to have an effective human resource in your company, it is necessary to recruits people who will take the firm in the forward direction. Now the HR who is responsible for the recruitment process should be well aware of the facts that may affect it. Also to make the recruitment process more effective, the organization needs to take special care of the market conditions.

Now here are a few factors that may affect the recruitment process.

Size of the organization

This indeed is a very important factor and must not be ignore by any chance. The recruitment process should be carried in such a way that they hire some really good human resources who will be capable enough to take their business further and expand it in the future.

Recruiting policy

Now the policy too plays an important role when it comes to the recruitment process. A policy when planned correctly will help in specifying the main objective of recruitment to take place and also will be providing a well defined framework so that the recruitment program could be implemented correctly.

Rate of unemployment

Now in areas where the unemployment is higher, there the hiring process will be easy to carry out, but in cases in which the rate of unemployment is low, there it will be difficult to hire due to lack of resources.

Type of Job

The type of the job and its image also play a major role in the process of recruitment just like the image of the organization does. If the job type provides better salary, recognition, promotions and a good working environment, then it is considered to have enough potential to attract more qualified and able candidates.

Image of organization

Also one should take care of the image of the organization that it has built over the years. This is done by maintaining good relations with their customer’s base, keeping up with their faith in the business, providing multiple public services which are reliable. All of this proves to be a boon when it comes to enhancing the reputation of a company in the market.

Labor market

The labor market is one of these external factors that can too affect the recruitment process. It basically controls the supply and demand of the labor. Now in cases in which the demand is lesser than that of the supply, here the hiring process will be carried out easily. But in cases in which the supply of any particular skill is les and if its demand is more then it will require more efforts for the hiring process.

Factors related to demographics

This is related to the attributes if the employees who have the potential to apply for the recruitment which may include things like their age, education, previous experience, gender, etc.


Thus the above mentioned factors are a few among the many which may affect the recruitment process.