What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Great Walt Disney

When it comes to Walt Disney, you immediately start thinking of the magical world that every child is aware of. You may not have an idea of the genius that built this tremendous fantasy world, but one thing is for sure, everyone knows the meaning of Disney.

After all, as a kid, you grew up watching cartoon films and television shows that highlighted the various characters of Disney. In the last four or five years, the number of people going to Disneyland has increased tremendously.

The Great Walt Disney was an entertainer, film producer, director, philanthropist, animator and most importantly an entrepreneur. The company started by him is still flourishing, inspiring so many people, young and old. But to those aspiring to become an entrepreneur; the special influence is eminent.

Why Walt Was Successful?

You may ask at this juncture: What are the main reasons responsible for Walt Disney success as an entrepreneur? To start with, he was quite serious in his efforts to reach the objective that he has set before starting his business journey.

What entrepreneurs can learn from the great Walt Disney is that nothing is impossible, provided you know what you are doing. Another important quality that you need to have is to never give up. If one small failure forces you to change your original strategy, it is a clear sign that your strategy was not good enough in the first place.

Becoming a Good Entrepreneur

The life of Walt Disney gives some important lessons. By using these lessons, you can become a very good entrepreneur.

First thing that you need to do is to do not feel shy of reinventing yourself. Often, strategies that work for you in the past is not going to work. In this scenario, you need to come up with a new strategy. It is quite important that you rediscover your abilities and avoid your comfort level in order to attain success.


Perfection should be the buzzword for you. To reach the stage of perfection, you need to improve yourself every day. Even after hundred successful business projects, there is always a room for improvement. If you get satisfied with your current level, you are not going to enhance your skill level.

Walt Disney always said keep on improving, there is no point coming second best. When you improve yourself on a daily basis, you do not need to worry about the new talent that is going to come through.

Do not Worship Money

According to Walt Disney, as an entrepreneur, you do not need to worship money. He is of the opinion that although money can make things easier for you but it also has an ability to make you overconfident.

What entrepreneurs can learn from the great Walt Disney is that you should use money in an effective manner. It is always a good thing to work for those individuals that you love. Use money in making things better rather than working for the objective of amassing wealth, which is much more than you require.


Walt Disney always said that technology is the best friend of an entrepreneur. Even in this day and age, majority of entrepreneurs do not realize the significance of technology in their business.

With the help of technology, not only can it give your business a tremendous boost but more importantly you can also counter the tactics of your competitors.

To fight tough battles, you will require advanced technologies.

Similar to money, you need to use the technology in a proper manner. In addition, you also need to learn maximizing it. Entrepreneurs need to have a proper understanding of using e-commerce and taking the help of Internet marketing.

Don’t Worry About the Competitors

Never get scared with the competition around you. As a matter of fact, take it as a challenge and try to beat every competitor. This is going to give you immense satisfaction.

According to Walt Disney, in some cases it is going to be tough competing with famous business personalities but once you get used to it, you will start getting enjoyment out of it. After all, beating famous personalities is going to give you the belief that you can beat anyone.

Even if you face defeat in the initial stage, it is going to motivate you in doing things much better. In other words, take your defeat positively rather than thinking that it is the end of the world. Competition should be healthy and you should not use unfair means in order to attain success.


What makes Walt Disney such a successful entrepreneur was the fact that he got involved in things that he was fond of. Better than rewards, money, and skill, passion is one thing that can decide whether your business is going to be successful or not.

If you are passionate in what you are doing, chances of you attaining success increase. On the other hand, if you are doing things just for the sake of it, you are not going to reach the optimum level.

When you are passionate, you will find it easier to get past inevitable pains of growing a business.

Try to Look at the Future

Finally, similar to Walt Disney, your objective should be to develop timeless products. When you develop products, taking into consideration current trends, you increase your chances of success but that is not the only thing you need to focus on. Make sure that you develop products that can evolve and be in the trend in the next thirty years or so.

In other words, try to look at the future to give satisfaction for generations ahead.


Some of the things that entrepreneurs can learn from Walt Disney are mentioned below:

• Working in pressure situations make you better.
• Without confidence and courage, you cannot survive in the current scenario.
• Money cannot give you happiness all the time but happiness can give you money all the time.
• Try to learn new things.
• If your competitor is doing something special, acknowledge it.
• Treat every day as a new day.

Implement these strategies and you are on your way to be a successful entrepreneur.

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  1. Walt Disney was a genius, and a visionary.

    I greatly admire the man, but really unfortunate that he didn’t live to see much of what he accomplished.

    If he could see the Disney Parks, cruise lines, Lucasfilm, ABC acquisition etc… today he would totally freak out.

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