What are the Intelligent Investments of the Future

What are the Intelligent Investments of the Future

Probable Future Investment Goals

Future could mean 5-10 years, 10-15 years, or 15-20 years from NOW,depending on the specific needs and wants that define your goals.  Your goals are essentially defined by your age. It is obvious that you may not plan for your retirement benefits at the age of 13. So, we have listed a few of the probable future investment goals based on your age group.


If you are in the age group of 13-20, it helps to pay your tuition fees, manage travel expenses, and buy essential gadgets like computers. If you are in the age group of 20-40, it helps to make down-payments and EMI for your car-loan, home-mortgage, emergency expenses, etc.

Investments between 41and 50 will help you in debt-clearance,children’s college funding, self and spouse healthcare, etc. Investments after50 are essentially for retirement benefits, medication, self and spouse health-care, hospitalization and treatments, etc.

Investment Opportunities, Risks, and Rewards

Teen-Investments: Custodial accounts in banks and financial institutions can help you build savings. You can make debit-card payments when you buy products, eat in restaurants, and travel by bus or train. Over-draft protection helps you clear bills even when your account balance falls to zero or below.

20-40 Investments:  Treasury bonds with 10+years of maturity are the first recommended investments with low risks and regular ROI. High-yield savings in credit unions with a minimum of $25K account balance can earn you good interest rates. Minimum monthly deposits could be as low as$100.

Investments in no-load mutual funds can earn you reasonably good ROI every month. You can start with a minimum of $100-$500 investment. You may plan to increase your investments after analyzing the ROI for the first few months or years.

Freight and Logistics stocks are performing excellently in the NYSE and NASDAQ markets. There are plenty of opportunities in air, sea, and freight-rail logistics companies. Your investments are relatively safe and they can earn you handsome ROI every month.

40-50 Investments:  Roth IRA investment is the first recommended option if you are in the 40-50 age-group. You get long-term benefits on tax, interest, withdrawals, transfers, and conversions, and medical care.

The real-estate investment could generate regular ROI through property value appreciation. It offers to hedge against inflation. If can generate income from real estate rentals. It offers you tax benefits and long-term financial security.

Municipal bonds offer general-obligation and revenue types for risk-free investment. Both are tax-free sources of ROI. You can get full-repayment even in case of the market crisis through insurance policies.You can choose the bonds rated as BBB or BAA which are rated highly by Moody’s and Forbes also.  

50+ Investments: Life-Insurance, health-insurance, and retirement-fund are the three primary investments you can make after 50. You can choose a bank(public/private) or a credit-union for making the investment. Make sure you have savings bank account apart from these investments to be on the safer side.

US Exchange-traded fund is the next safest investment option after 50. It helps you save on taxes and allows you to make small investments. Maturity period can be 10+ years which ensures safe retirement fund.