Week 6 Recap: Feels like I have been doing this forever!

Well here it is the Five For Friday: March Madness Edition. This week we have had an explosion with traffic.  Out of left field we must be getting noticed.  Thank you and I appreciate you stopping by, hopefully I haven’t bored you too much that you come again or subscribe.  Now to take a look at the sites that caught my eye this week: 

I wrote an article about your emergency fund the other week, but here another blogger, Frugal Portland, poses the question to the world.  Great we have an emergency fund, now when can we use it?   

Anthony Thompson over at the Joyfulselfmanager.com talks about how we lose brain power as we get older.  The article suggests changing things up is one way to improve brain power.  So with that get out there if you haven’t ever done so and dive head first into your finances and start a budget! 

Surround yourself with winners in a financial sense as Shilpan over at Street Smart Finance suggests.  Are you a winner or whiner?    

I have a soft spot for children, having 2 little girls of my own.  I love this one from Jai Catalano over at coincidentally enough JaiCatalano.com.  Not necessarily finance related but there is some money related talk in his post.  Glad you didn’t shell out the $100 on the cake!  Take a look at his videos too they are hilarious.

We all hate them and we all know who they are.  Daisy over at Add Vodka gives us some insight into those workplace personalities we can all do without! 

In case you hadn’t noticed it, Mr J. Money included one of my posts in his weekly roundup.  Does that mean I made it when a “PF Celebrity” links me?  Jk go check him out and some of the other great pf bloggers he mentions.

Be safe this weekend and I will see you bright and early Monday morning.  Or you may find me trolling your site! 


PS: Syracuse BETTER win this weekend, or you may not see me because my eyes will be puffy Monday morning from crying.

8 thoughts on “Week 6 Recap: Feels like I have been doing this forever!

  1. Thank you, Christopher. I’m tickled to death that you put me on your Five For Friday list. And personally, I like the other four that you recognized, as well. God bless you, and may you have even greater success with your powerful blog.

    1. @ Anthony – Thank you my man! Keep up the great content and good things will happen!

  2. Glad to hear about the explosion of traffic on your blog. I bet the J. Money helped a lot in that regards. It is rewarding to get mentioned by a PF celeb and the surge of traffic is always nice. Keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll get plenty more mentions like that.

    1. @ Jeremy – Thanks for the kind words. I hope it grows into a billion dollar empire…lol. It is just nice to know that there is a reader out there reading the thoughts in my head.

  3. I have Syracuse heading all the way to my final four. I’m glad Asheville didn’t get the upset, or I would’ve been balling, too! 🙂

    1. @ GB tell me about it. Are you from around the Syracuse area? Either way you must know what you are talking about you are a Cuse Fan…lol.. Thanks for coming by!!

  4. Thank you for the link love. I am so glad that traffic is growing rapidly on your blog. Keep up the great work my friend!

    1. @ Shilpan – not a problem it was a great read!

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