Ways to Keep Expenses Low While Studying

Ways to Keep Expenses Low While Studying


Studying is very expensive, and not just in terms of tuition fees. There are course materials, books, and stationary to buy. Even if you’re studying online, perhaps an online MSW program, costs are very high, as well as your everyday living expenses to think about. Even if you’re studying an online course such as an online masters of social work, you won’t want to be spending all your time working. Here are some of the best ways you can keep your expenses low while you are studying.

Meal Plan

One of the biggest expenses in any home is food. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest places to save, without compromising on nutrition and quality. Stop eating out. Even take out becomes expensive if you are doing it all of the time. Learn to cook for yourself. Buy plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as cheaper cuts of meat. Cook in large batches, and freeze portions for another day, it’s much cheaper to cook this way, and saves on waste. Buy frozen vegetables, they keep all their nutritional value but can be much cheaper. The ultimate way to save money when shopping for food, however, is making a meal plan. Before you go to the store, plan all of your meals for the week. Make a list, and stick to it!

Buy Second Hand

If you need new clothes, appliances or course books, consider buying second-hand. Yard sales and charity shops are great places to get bargains. EBay is never short of choice, but remember to factor in postage costs, as sometimes you’re actually better off buying new.


You can save a fortune on Christmas and birthday presents, if you can craft! There are so many different things you can make for people. Everyone loves a handmade gift. Pinterest is a brilliant source of ideas.


Instead of paying for gas and parking, or public transport, could you walk? Obviously for long distances this isn’t an option. In these cases, if you are using public transport, where possible, book you tickets in advance. You can make huge savings like this.

Save on Utilities

Another enormous portion of your money is going to be spent on household utilities. So, try and save as much as you can. Shop around for the best deals on things like mobile phone contracts and cable providers. Turn your thermostat down, switch lights off when you leave the room, and turn appliances off instead of on to stand by. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save over a year just by making a few small changes.

Cut Backs

Instead of paying for a gym membership, go for a run around the park. Don’t buy games and DVDs new, but wait until they’ve been around a while. Don’t buy everything branded. Make a list of all your expenses and then make another list of the ones you absolutely need, and can’t change, a list of any you can make cheaper, and a list of those you can get rid of all together.

Follow these tips to cut down your expenses, and you won’t need to worry about money while you study.