Want To See Pictures Of Twitter's Office Visitors? Meet @Twisitor + MORE

Optimize Your YouTube Videos Using Google Trends
Although social media marketing continues to dominate, a good marketer knows not to focus your marketing strategy on just one tactic. Ideally, social media should work alongside search engine optimization. Your customers are using both, so an interplay between the two is something you have to be prepared for…

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Facebook adds ‘listen later’ button to music stories in the feedFacebook has added a “Listen Later” button to Open Graph music stories in the feed, allowing users to fill out a new section of their About page.
The feature becomes available when users hover over a story about friend’s listening activity on Facebook-connected services like Spotify or Rdio…

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Facebook hires and departures: designer and managing editor leave, Legit team hiredFacebook had some fairly high profile departures this week, with designer Rasmus Andersson joining Dropbox and managing editor Dan Fletcher announcing he will leave to work on personal projects instead. Malorie Lucich, who has been the platform communications team since 2008, is going to Pinterest.
Unrelated to those vacancies, Facebook has hired Jeremy Barton and Rob Boyle, cofounders of cross-platform reputation system Legit…

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There are Twitter accounts for almost everything these days. Some people I know have accounts set up for their pets, then there are toasters, beds, drones and so on. The company itself has a fun account called @Twisitor, which was a project built during one of Twitter’s quarterly hackweeks.
There’s a camera in the lobby of Twitter’s new San Francisco office and it will snap a photo of anyone who stands in front of it…

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Facebook seeks computer vision engineers for ‘next generation products’Facebook this week added a job listing for a Software Engineer, Computer Vision to join a team working on the social network’s “next generation products.”
Computer vision is a field that involves electronically processing and understanding images. It can be applied to a range of industries and tasks, but most obviously for Facebook, it could help the company organize the massive amount of photos and videos users share by recognizing what is within those images…

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US Senate votes in support of comprehensive online sales taxThe US Senate has voted in favor of a proposal that could give states power to collect taxes on Internet purchases made from out-of-state retailers, the Associated Press reports.
The provision hasn’t become law just quite yet, but the vote reveals the strong level of support it has on the Hill…

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Newscast Ruins Intimate Moment Between Dogs

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Newscast Ruins Intimate Moment Between Dogs
Well, this is awkward. We’re just not sure for who; the two dogs who got caught on live television gettin’ jiggy with it, or the newscaster who had to report through the footage of it all
The segment was supposed to be about a home under investigation for housing a dogfighting ring. Instead, the WCAU station (a Philadelphia NBC affiliate) caught some X-rated, doggy fun footage on their helicopter cam…

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9-Year-Old Coder Triggers Kickstarter AvalancheMackenzie Wilson, a 9 year-old straight-A student from Stevensville, Maryland, started a Kickstarter campaign twoo days ago with her mom to help pay for a role-playing game coding camp through RPG maker so she can create her own game. The campaign reached its goal 20 times over.
“Ultimately I want to learn to program really cool stuff, but since I’m 9 I’m starting with RPG Maker because it lets me create something awesome without having to know how to actually program everything,” she wrote in the project description…

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Com2Us is one of those companies that doesn’t come to mind when you think about games. But the Korean mobile game company doubled its market value in 2012 to more than $500 million, and it’s successfully expanding into other markets, including the U.S.
In South Korea, Com2Us has hit celebrity status…

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Featured Account: @ITRCSD Shows How To Protect Yourself Against Identity TheftThis continues our Pay It Forward Friday series.
Have you or someone you know fallen victim to identity theft? It’s one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States.
If you’ve been lucky enough to dodge the identity theft bullet so far, you’ll want to read this so you can prepare for (and hopefully head off) a potential future attack…

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Facebook and industry roundup: Marin, SDKs, Dachis Group, Perfect Audience, morePMD Marin Software goes public – Ad tech company Marin Software today went public after raising $105 million from an initial public offering priced at $14 per share. The stock opened at $19 per share and closed at $16.26. Marin began in 2006 as a paid search company, but was an early Facebook Ads API partner in 2010, and it continues to hold an ads badge as part of the social network’s Preferred Marketing Developer program…

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Guest Post: Embracing the Shift to a Partnership ParadigmThis is a guest post by Greg Lieber, VP of Business Development at SHIFT, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer that offers a collaboration platform for marketers.
Facebook’s updates to the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) requirements, which put a large emphasis on paid media, will be a huge benefit to both developers and marketers alike…

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