"Use It Anywhere, Anytime" Web Design : The 5 Power Trends + MORE

According to a just-published Bloomberg report Google is preparing a bid for Waze. Earlier this month rumors indicating Facebook was in late-stage acquisition talks with Waze for roughly $1 billion appeared online. Other parties (Apple, Microsoft) may now also be interested in the social mapping…

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How to Build Links to Your Blog - A Case StudyPosted by Matthew Barby
I recently took some time out to do a bit of travelling across East Asia (which was incredible!) and decided that I would, along with a group of friends, set up a travel blog. Knowing that I would be embarking on some amazing adventures, I thought it'd be a waste not to blog about them…

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Bloomingdale’s is a leader in fashion in the brick and mortar world. But how does a store with history back to the 1800s adapt to the new online world? Let’s look at a few tactics Bloomingdale’s uses in content marketing and a few SEO opportunities.

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Conducting Market Research Before Investing in Tactical Execution - Whiteboard FridayPosted by randfish
The phrase "look before you leap" has never been more true! Before you start investing in tactics, it's important to do your market research. Many businesses are tempted to dive into the details before answering the bigger questions, like who their customers are, how those customers make purchase decisions, where their potential users are on the web, and how customers may choose between similar companies and offerings…

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"Use It Anywhere, Anytime" Web Design : The 5 Power TrendsWe no longer create websites that have fixed size layouts of 960px wide. With an ever-growing range  and variety of different screen sizes we now create websites that visually look great no matter what device they are viewed on: Responsive Design.
What are the current trends in web design that would give your website the edge amongst your competitors?
Here is a collection of new web trends we can expect to be on the rise:

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