Unleash ‘Beast Mode’ for Your Entrepreneur Career

Unleash ‘Beast Mode’ for Your Entrepreneur Career

HULKNowadays, consider it a compliment when someone calls you a beast. This is especially true if it’s used to describe your entrepreneur career. It just means that you have what it takes to always come out on top even with the daily grind of entrepreneur life. It also means that you go all out in everything that you do. You also challenge fear when you face it. You don’t cower from it.

Why Go on Beast Mode

Business is tough. It’s a dog eats dog world out there. If you’re meek, you’re not going to succeed. You’re going to be eaten alive. If you’re a “beast”, people will respect you. You will be more effective. You will do things that you never thought you’re capable of doing.

How to Go on Beast Mode

Not all entrepreneurs can just flick on a switch in order to unleash the beast inside of them. However, you can learn how to do it. Here are some tips on how to beat the daily grind in your entrepreneur life by going on beast mode:

Get Angry

  • Challenge fear by getting angry. Consider the things that you initially fear as things that you should be angry about. Sure, you can’t succeed in your entrepreneur career just by getting angry. However, it’s easier to go all out if you’re angry.

Let’s say that your competitor is doing dubious strategies and he’s now ahead of you. Instead of
cowering in fear, get angry at what’s happening. You don’t necessarily have to get angry at your
competitor. Just get angry at what’s happening and soon enough, you’ll do things in order for it
to stop.

For example, you can be angry at the fact that someone is cheating so you’re able to come up
with new and legitimate strategies in order to once again get ahead.

Remember, Bruce Banner is an intelligent man, but the Hulk is much more effective and feared
especially with his “HULK SMASH!” Let’s face it, no one wants to face him when he’s angry.

  • Keep your eyes on the prize

We have to admire athletes. They play at a high level for hours but when crunch time comes,
they find it in them to gather enough power to finish the game at an even higher level. You
often see Kobe Bryant seemingly fresh with 2 seconds left in a tied ballgame before making the
game-winning shot. The explanation is simple – he kept his eyes on the prize and he went beast

So what’s the prize? For most business owners, it’s a very successful business that can help
them give financial freedom. If you’re experiencing fear and challenges in your entrepreneur

career due to the daily grind, go all out and challenge fear and challenges. Go beast mode on
them and do what needs to be done to improve your entrepreneur life.

  • No more Mr. Nice Guy

There’s a saying that “nice guys finish last” and it also applies in business. If you’re always a Mr.
Nice Guy, people will take advantage of you. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be an evil
and ruthless business owner. It just means that in some cases, you have to stop being nice and
just do what needs to be done in your business.

Let’s say that an employee is embezzling a small amount of funds. Since you’re nice, you let it
go thinking that you could afford to lose a small amount and you just assume that the employee
needs the money badly. If you don’t stop being a Mr. Nice Guy, you’ll soon find yourself short of
tens of thousands of dollars.

Before that even happens, stop being a Mr. Nice Guy and just fire that employee. Of course, this
is provided that you have legitimate proof of the embezzling.

  • Invest in Yourself


Don’t rest on your laurels if you want a successful entrepreneur career. Your skills may work
now in dealing with the daily grind, but soon enough, your skills will be outdated. Go all out and
invest in yourself. Develop new skills. Learn new tricks. Stay updated with the latest in business.

Improve your entrepreneur life by improving yourself. Take up a business class. You can even do
it in the comfort of your own home by taking an online business class.

A lot of business owners are afraid to do this because they don’t know what to expect.
Challenge fear and just do it. With new skills, tricks and knowledge, going beast mode is easier
and more effective.

Overcome Challenges

You know for a fact that entrepreneur life is very hard. You’re presented with challenges as soon
as breakfast is served and the daily grind means more challenges. If you want to have a successful
entrepreneur career, you should know how to go on beast mode every now and then.

Of course, it’s a given that you should always go all out. There’s no place for half-baked efforts in the
world of business. Go all out and follow the tips above and you can face challenges
in business head on in BEAST MODE.