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It’s hard to stay in shape as we get older. We move around less, our family demands more of our time, and our jobs stress us out to the point where we eat too much comfort food.
I’m about 10 pounds heavier that I was during college. I always tell myself it’s due to more muscle, but I know it’s a lie because I hardly ever lift weights anymore…

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I have a very busy life. I have three kids, each of which are in different activities. I have three different community committee responsibilties, which means multiple meetings a month and other activities related to each one. I have writing responsibilities that involve two articles a day for The Simple Dollar, an ongoing effort to write a novel, and multiple other freelance opportunities…

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A few times a month, Lance from Money Life and More will stop by to share some of the best articles from across a variety of publications, including other blogs and mainstream media. Life has been extremely busy for us over the last few weeks! I recently bought a house and had to write a huge check for it at closing…

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This guest post is by GRS reader Russell Kith, an avid value investor, fan of Warren Buffett and personal finance blogger. You can find more of his articles on investing on his blog, Money Street Smart. Investing is a lot like going to college. You start off with a broad range of general options (mutual funds or classes), then once you have a solid foundation, you learn the value of specificity (investing in stocks or declaring a major)…

The Bible on Careers

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For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here’s why.
Today I’m posting Proverbs 22:29, which is what I consider to be the best verse on your career in the entire Bible. From the NIV:Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank…

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Becoming an Enemy of Debt w/ Brad Chaffee

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Becoming an Enemy of Debt w/ Brad ChaffeeName
Brad Chaffee
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Why do you think it was so easy to fall into the debt trap?
“I think it’s a combination of financial illiteracy, peer pressure, and not taking the time to consider how the decisions we make now will affect us in the future for starters.
It’s easy to be irresponsible with a credit cards and it’s even easier to just make the minimum payments…

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Okay, I couldn’t resist that headline. But if you’re a LivingSocial (daily deal site) customer, like me, this data breach is no joke.
You may have heard about the cyber-attack yesterday after receiving an email from LivingSocial instructing you to change your password. If you’re a customer and have used the service lately, AND you use BillGuard, you were probably notified by them as well…

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Every financial step we make is very important and can lead to very serious consequences. That’s why it’s necessary to avoid spontaneous decisions because later we may regret about them. But making mistakes is a part of life, only through making mistakes and wrong steps we can gain some experience which is priceless…

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Learning from the Rich: 4 Traits You Should Emulate
Most people wouldn’t complain if they suddenly became rich. In fact, millions of people play the lottery every week with just this hope — even though, statistically, their chances of winning are next to nothing.
Obviously, very few of the wealthy people we’re jealous of have gotten rich this way…

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