The Island State of Mind: The Key to Making Your Dreams into Reality

The Island State of Mind: The Key to Making Your Dreams into Reality

Little children dream big and it is always fascinating to hear what they want to become or want to have when they grow up. It is truly amazing how children have a certain state of mind and conditioning wherein they know what they want without any doubt in their minds and hearts. It’s not unusual for a 3 year old to have his own fantasy world. Kids believe that everything is possible and are not afraid of saying it out loud. This unwavering faith is often called the island state of mind.

Losing Track of Your Dreams from Fear and Doubt

Having faith in things that you still don’t have or accomplishments that you have not yet attained is easily said than done. Oftentimes, that child who once knew that nothing is impossible is buried deep inside your subconscious mind. As you go through your life’s journey, you begin to question this unwavering faith in this fantasy world.

As people grow old, this so called the island state of mind is corrupted by various negative thoughts such as doubt and fear. The problem is, majority of people are programmed to retain more negative insights than positive ones, and most people were never taught to filter the things that they hear or see.

Fear and doubt are like viruses which creep into your heart and mind and corrupt the way you thinks and act. It is man’s nature to make use of negative motivation or constructive criticism; and because of this, most parents unknowingly raise their children to a life full of fear and self-doubt. This is not their fault because this is how they were raised when they were little as well.

The Limitless Power of Your Mind

A famous man once said that anything that your mind can perceive, you can achieve. These thoughts or ideas are taught in schools but are not emphasized as much as they should be. The human mind is the most powerful resource in the world. Everything in this world came from a certain idea which many people would have thought to be absurd and impossible.

The most famous inventors and innovators never let go of their fantasy world and the island state of mind. This led them to discover great things and they have left their mark on earth. These people have faith in something that no one would even dare think to be plausible. You could just imagine when the Wright brothers were trying to invent the airplane and what people said to them. Nobody believed them for such a crazy idea of a man flying. This crazy idea ate up thousands of hours of trying yet the countless failures never stopped them from making their dream a reality.

Breakthrough to Thrive

Liberating your mind is a very daunting task but it is truly worth it and it is one of the best gifts that you can ever give yourself. Opening yourself up for countless possibilities that enable you to reach your goals no matter what obstacle come your way is only the tip of the iceberg. The process of unveiling yourself and honing the dreamer within you is the most fulfilling experience you will ever have in your life.

Breaking through all the misleading programming that you have been accustomed to all your life is like being born the second time with a different set of eyes to see. You start to appreciate even the small things around you and your dreams become your reality. Your perspective shifts from fear to courage, from impossible to possible, as you attract the positive thoughts.

Many people say that they are contended with a simple life. But what does a simple life truly mean? People who dream big and have faith know that a simple life is living freely without any problems in all aspects of your life. It is the kind of life where you get to go wherever you choose to go, do the things which please you and share your experience to those you love the most.

The Ripple Effect: How Your Words and Thoughts Affect Your Life

Dreaming big is a gift given to all men and you must learn to harness and put it to good use. Your life today is a product of the thoughts, choices and decisions that you have made in the past. Your thoughts turn into words, and the words you speak direct your actions. These actions then turn into reality. Take a moment and pause for a while and think, what is it that you really want to have or achieve in this lifetime? Then believe in these dreams, decide for yourself that whatever happens, you will find a way in achieving this goal.

Commit to these goals and never let anybody stop you from achieving it. Be careful in associating with the wrong set of people. Associate with people who have already achieved the dream that you want. Read their autobiographies; listen to their opinions and tips. See yourself achieving those dreams and choose your words wisely. Refrain from using words like “I can’t” or “impossible” because this will trigger a chain reaction of negativity in your thoughts and actions.

The Island State of Mind: Accommodating Bigger and Better Dreams

Faith is believing and hoping for things that you have not seen. Even though these inventors only had ideas, they put them into action and had unwavering faith. Faith is very difficult to have these days because of the negative and pessimistic environment that most people choose to live in. Don’t let this stop you.

Being complacent with where you are today is the opposite of harnessing your God given ability to dream beyond the stars. The problem is most people have been accustomed to limiting their beliefs and adjusting their dreams to a level where they feel is more realistic.

The concept of shifting from limiting beliefs to limitless beliefs is very simple. If you want to catch a bigger fish, get a bigger frying pan. It is common sense that is surprisingly not a common knowledge among many. Broaden your mind so you can dream bigger and never settle for anything less.

Making Things Happen by Applying the Law of Attraction

When you are passionate about your dreams, your mind automatically switches on. No one or nothing can stop you from reaching it. Your burning desire and sense of urgency will consume your body so much so that there are no if’s and but’s and no room for rejection. This island state of mind becomes your oxygen and source for energy to wake up each morning and face all the challenges that will try to stop you from being the person that you want to be in your own fantasy world.

This burning desire to reach your goal will push you to your limits, in order for you to realize that the walls you built to cage the dreamer within you is not strong enough to unleash your full potential. The law of attraction will make it easier for you to make that dream a reality all the while that your mind is set on your target. It’s like having your own genie in a lamp but your wishes are not limited to just 3. Just always remember that the only one who can stop you from reaching your goals and becoming who you want to be is yourself.

Different dreams have various time frames for them to become reality. It is very important to learn how to wait and be patient that at any moment you will achieve your goals. As long as you keep believing in yourself and you constantly visualize yourself in that exact moment when you have what you worked so hard for, even if it is still far from happening, you know that the island state of mind and the laws of attraction is cooking up something great and maybe even better than what you expected.