Tech that Gives You the Edge You Need: Board Portal Software

Tech that Gives You the Edge You Need: Board Portal Software

Competition never slackens in business, so you must be proactive in finding the technology that gives your company’s decision makers the tools they need to get an edge over rivals. For many businesses, including health organizations and credit unions, the solution has meant acquiring board portal software.

Continue reading to learn more about all the ways board portal software can help your business get a boost.

Remote Collaboration Tools

Your directors are busy people who may not even live in the same city. It’s important to have tools which let them work together effectively, no matter how physically apart they may be.

Board portal software is cloud-based, meaning you can review and comment on board material from anywhere. You don’t even need to be online — the best board portals automatically sync back up when you reconnect to Wi-Fi.


You can see how easy good governance can be when you have the right tools at your disposal: board portal software lets your directors connect before, during, and after meetings, making them more efficient.

Centralized Communication

Board portal software puts an end to endless emails and text messages, since all communications are in one place. Your directors don’t need to toggle back and forth between different communication devices: they can connect in the same place while using whichever device they most prefer.

Access to communication and all board documents is constant. It’s also easy to settle matters requiring a vote, as there is a built-in polling feature in the software. This makes voting on resolutions in and out of meetings simple.

Powerful Security

With all the stories about hacks and security breaches in the news, online security is on the forefront of many people’s minds. Board portal software doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to security.

Board portal software is highly encrypted, preventing hackers from accessing the system. The servers storing your information always adhere to independent, third-party security certification requirements.

In the event that a company-issued device gets lost or stolen, the board data on it can be wiped remotely. This is an important step in preventing a breach. On the flip side, if a director has become separated from their device and they need to access important board material, all they need to do is log in from any other tablet, laptop, or desktop.

It’s easy to control who in your organization can and cannot see certain material. Admins can easily change permissions or grant temporary access to people like auditors or legal counsel. It’s also easy for admins to change settings to prevent documents from being downloaded or printed.

There’s no indication that business is going to get any less competitive any time soon. In a crowded marketplace of technology claiming to be the difference-maker for organizations looking to promote transparency and better governance, it’s important to acknowledge the real advantages of technological solutions like board portal software.