Take your share from the Video Game Industry!

If you have considerable proficiency in playing video games and playing for hours together is all that you are interested in doing, then video gaming can help you in making stupendous earnings as well. No kidding here! – The video gaming hobby of yours can be developed as a moneymaking venture, thus enabling you to make money doing what you do best. Serious and addicted videogame players are always in great demand, though many individuals are unaware of this fact, as their gaming skills and passion can be useful for the companies which develop and market video games.

Video gaming is a $50 billion industry, the popularity and worth of which keep increasing everyday with a steady pace. A recent report released lately by PricewaterhouseCoopers pronounced the video gaming industry and related small enterprises like sound recording and animation studios, marketing agencies etc. as one of the most serious contributors to the economical growth. Merely disturbed even by economical recession, video gaming industry and market is expected to grow at a predicted rate of 9.1% in the next five years.

While those figures are astonishing and awe-inspiring, one can find the proof in the increasing popularity of PC based games, gaming consoles and games by other established and upcoming gaming experts. Video gaming is not just riding on high waves of popularity and success – it is here to stay. Video gaming development sites and companies are already making positive and far-reaching attempts in order to sustain the growth rate predicted by the experts, and this is one of the major reasons why video gaming experts and addicted fans are being recruited at an amazing pace by them.

Following are some of the moneymaking avenues presented by gaming industry for those who love to play for hours together at a stretch:

Video Game Blogging

Most gaming companies are looking for unique ways of getting the casual gamers and the non-addicted crowd into the segment of serious gamers as well. Blogging, social networking, buzz marketing etc. are some of the ways to get fast and steady results, and expert gamers are being hired by renowned companies for this purpose. If you are addicted to video gaming and have a passion for writing, then this job can be the best career decision for you. Whether it is online racing, spectator PC games, war-craft and adventure gaming, action based games or virtual motorsports that hold your interest, it is now possible for you to write insightfully or blog about the same, while making money.

The job responsibilities would generally require one to write a pre-decided number of blog post entries per week, expressing their opinions and sharing their experiences about a particular game, while broadcasting the same views on social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. One would also need to research the other competing or related games which are gaining popularity and perform a competitive analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, unique selling points and differentiating features, and an estimate of their subscribers or players.

One is also required to track down the developments in the real world motorsports of car racing related news, reply and comment on the feedback provided by the readers. Some companies also train the videogame bloggers in appropriate SEO and SMO techniques, so that their blogs have unique backlinks from different prominent websites, in addition to enhanced visibility in search engine result pages. Videogame blogging can spell a brilliant career and great prominence for a blogger, based on their style, reputation and skill.

Videogame Testing

This can be a great opportunity for those who have an eye for detail and passion for gaming. If you are adept at solving puzzles, remembering maps and graphic details, finding locations and clues to problems, then videogame testing can be a great brilliant career opportunity for you. The chances of your selection increase if you can develop tricks and devise strategies to get ahead of your competitors in a game. If you have a knack in devising cheats and winning techniques, then you can find several gaming companies to be vying for your attention, in order to present you with the opportunity to be a video game tester for games devised by them.

Video game testing is a great way to get your foot into the door towards a successful career in video game industry. The job responsibilities would include testing various new and existing games developed by the gaming company one works for, as well as those by the competitors. One would get the opportunity to make significant earnings doing what they love best – gaming for hours at a stretch!

One would need to find the unique points and finer details of a game, point out the flaws and shortcomings in the course of action, plots and characters etc, thus helping the game programmers to design the game in a better way. Fresh perspectives and honest opinions would be elicited regarding a game design during the stages of evolution and development, and one would need to predict the success percentage and design strategy of a game.

Growth opportunities with gaming careers

Gaming industry is seen as one of the steadiest and fast growing employers – their layoffs are minimal, and even the most grave economic scenarios like recession seem to affect them in very meager ways. This means that the skilled freshmen and gaming enthusiasts stand the chance of making it big in their favorite niche, as long as they have a drive to learn more about gaming and growing further up the corporate ladder. One can switch several positions internally while employed in a renowned gaming development company in order to gain more expertise and experience.

Skill, perseverance, thirst for learning and fresh perspectives is all that one needs for a successful career in the world of gaming. Videogames are no longer a mere distraction or means of entertainment for avid fans and enthusiasts, thanks to the prospective career and moneymaking opportunities extended by them.