Sweatcoin App Review- Pays You To Get Fit

Sweatcoin App Review- Pays You To Get Fit

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to walk. They convert your outdoor steps into their currency called “Sweatcoin“. You can use these Sweatcoins to buy cool products and services. As of now, Sweatcoin is just a cryptocurrency but soon, it will become a universally accepted form of payment. The earlier you get Sweatcoins the more value you can expect for it in the future.

About Sweatcoin App

sweatcoin app

Sweatcoin is a London-based startup. A small team of 25 people has made this concept of converting footsteps into money a reality. Besides, they make their money from over 300 partners. Their partners are companies who want to connect with health-conscious people like you. The more you walk the more these partners pay Sweatcoin; which finally gets deposited in your bank account. From government organizations to private insurance companies, all have backed this United Kingdom-based startup.

Features of Sweatcoin App

1. Easy setup

Sweatcoin doesn’t ask anything in return. To get started, all you have to do is download the free app and install it on your smartphone. Next, open the app the next time you head outdoors. Let the app run in the background while you finish your walk. You can also use the Sweatcoin app while commuting to work or just running errands. Make sure you are moving when the app in on. The app uses a sensor to know whether you are walking or are moving in a vehicle.

2. Make money by doing what you already do

To make money fast, you don’t have to fill up lengthy survey forms or watch commercials on your phone. Just do what you already do. Turn on the app the moment you step outside your home and watch the money pile up in your account.

3. Convert Sweatcoin to real money

To convert Sweatcoin to real money, you will have to exchange Sweatcoin for an Amazon Gift Card. And later redeem your money through the gift card. The app gives you one Sweatcoin 1000 steps you walk. And 100 Sweatcoins are equal to roughly 1 US dollar.

What I like about Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin motivates me to get out of my home and go for a leisurely walk. The major factor behind the motivation is that it pays me a dollar every time I earn 100 Sweatcoins. This is deeply satisfying and keeps me involved in healthy habits.

What I don’t like about Sweatcoin App

One downside of this app is it doesn’t count your steps when you walk in a small area. For instance, the steps you take while doing some yard activity won’t be counted. This is because it uses GPS tracker to calculate the steps you took and walking in circles doesn’t count. I hope they upgrade the technology they use to count steps.

My recommendation

Every person who spends at least an hour outdoors should have Sweatcoins on their smartphones. If you are someone who takes a bus or car to work, this app will nudge you to take a walk instead.