RBC's Cassidy, Bloomberg's Moore Discuss JPM, WFC (Audio) + MORE

What defines an “emerging” market? One of the most useful definitions comes from the fine folks at Wikipedia: “[An emerging market] signifies a business phenomenon that is not fully described by or constrained to geography or economic strength.”
Most investors are familiar with the “original” emerging market countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China…

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April 15 (Bloomberg) — Gerard Cassidy, managing director
of equity research at RBC Capital Markets, and Michael Moore of
Bloomberg News, discuss earnings of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and
Wells Fargo & Co. Cassidy and Moore talk with Bloomberg’s Pimm
Fox and Carol Massar on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock…

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The unsatisfying results that Infosys has reported recently, combined with pretty non-specific guidance, has created a pretty large spread in sell-side estimates for revenue and free cash flow over the next two to three years.    

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I would say we average about one per week, so probably about 50 per year

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If you own stock in Associated Banc-Corp or are thinking about buying it, then at the very least, you should know these nine critical numbers.    

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Only a Fool Would Invest in Commodities Now

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Only a Fool Would Invest in Commodities NowWe just saw a rather ugly spate of data from China, and the result has been a bit of a selloff in markets, from Asia to the U.S.
Not all stocks have been held back. Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), for instance, just had its price target raised at Goldman Sachs and rallied 5% to start the week.
But commodity stocks as a whole are taking a beating…

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President Barack Obama’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year was a mixed bag for the health-care sector.
Bad news for Medicare recipients  At least it’s bad news for those seniors rich enough to afford paying a little more for Medicare.
President Obama’s budget establishes five new income brackets that would have to pay increasingly higher premiums…

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Billion-Dollar Fund Managers Swear By This Investing MethodMichael Marcus turned an $30,000 investment into $80 million.

He loves the technique I'm about to share with you.

And he's not alone.

Bruce Kovner manages a $4 billion fund. He swears by this, too.

So does Kenneth Tropin, who earned $120 million in 2008.
Do they all invest in the same type of stocks or commodities? Do they share a secret investing trick known only to the ultra-rich? Well, the answer to both guesses is no…

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