Put Your Knowledge of Debt Reduction Strategies to the Test

Debt reduction

As a loyal reader of Frugal Rules, you should know something about attacking and eliminating debt. Care to put your knowledge to the test? Health IQ’s Debt: Snowball or Avalanche? quiz checks how much you understand about debt reduction strategies, especially the snowball and avalanche methods.

Do you know the fastest way to pay down your debts? What about the debt reduction method that attracts the least interest? Did you know that sometimes debt reduction strategies don’t attract any interest at all? Taking the quiz is a great way to test what you know about reducing your debt and learn what you don’t. With only 10 multiple choice questions, you can take the quiz over your coffee break. Health IQ provides instant feedback on your answers so that you’ll know why you were right or wrong while you learn more about the snowball and avalanche methods.

Since nothing is wrong with a little healthy competition, Health IQ tells you what percentage of Americans answered each question correctly. Once you complete the quiz, you can check how your score compares to your friends and other people in your area on the Health IQ leaderboard. Taking the quiz isn’t only a great opportunity for learning; it’s also an opportunity for earning. You’ll earn Elite points for every right answer, redeemable for prizes such as donations to your favorite charities and tickets to sporting events. What are you waiting for? Take the quiz, Debt: Snowball or Avalanche? and start earning Elite points.


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