Political Correctness in the Workplace + MORE

Political Correctness in the Workplace + MORE

20 of the Best Checking Account Promotions and DealsWe just opened a new checking account at Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct). We not only got a $50 bonus, but we earn interest on our balance. This experience got me to wondering just how many great checking account promotions are available.
With a little bit of research, we came up with what I believe are the 20 best checking account deals and promotions you’ll find anywhere…

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How to Deal With Your Finances

– weonlydothisonce.com

How to Deal With Your FinancesI haven’t written about finances in awhile, because these days I barely think about them.
That’s not to say that I don’t have payments and bills and unexpected expenses.  It’s because I have focused hard on getting out of debt for the last 2 years — and these days, I am almost debt-free and worry little about finances…

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Financial Independence Day

– eyesonthedollar.com

Financial Independence DayHappy Independence Day to all of my US readers today. I hope you get to enjoy a day off, eat some good food, and watch fireworks. If you don’t live in the US, well Happy Thursday. I’ll either be completing or recovering from a triathlon, so sitting around this evening sounds just wonderful. My friend Pauline from Reach Financial Independence has asked me to share some thoughts on what it means to be financially independent…

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Calculating total annual returnsAs an investor, it’s critical that I have a good idea of how well my investments are doing. This is relatively easy if you make one investment, sit on it, then just check the price at some later point in time.  But what if you have multiple investments all made at different points in time, like every  few weeks when a new paycheck hits your account…

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10 Cheap (and Free) Ways to Enjoy the Fourth of July WeekendAh, summer is upon us.  The days are getting long, the flowers are growing strong, and the weather is getting warm and sunny.  (Well, where I am, it’s getting warm, at any rate; the last week has been rainy day after rainy day, with little let up in sight.)  It’s getting to be a great summer season, and with the Fourth of July falling on a Thursday this year, you might find yourself with one of those oh-so-rare four day weekends to enjoy…

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Working Toward Financial Independence Is A Long RoadHappy Independence Day to my American readers! I don’t know about you, but I have the day off today, so I am doing some family things and just enjoying the day. Considering that I have to go back into the office on Friday, I plan on enjoying myself.  Here is to the day of our independence.
On the theme of independence, I want to talk a little about financial independence…

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Is your personal info safe with your bank?Good morning Dinks. Yesterday I received a letter from TD Bank advising me that the fees for my checking and savings accounts are being increased. There were two inserts in the envelope that talked about how TD Bank is using my personal information. I never really thought about how or why my bank is using my information, but now it’s got me thinking…

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Happy Fourth of July!

– makingsenseofcents.com

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Fourth of July everyone! I think we are having a small get together/BBQ at our house, and then going to watch fireworks tonight. Should be fun of course. I have today and tomorrow off, and that’s always nice! W has to work both today and tomorrow, so I do feel bad for him.
Don’t forget to read $10,192 in June Extra Income – Side Hustles!, my latest monthly income report, if you haven’t yet…

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Happy 4th of July eve everyone! When my blogging pal Pauline asked some of us to write a post on financial independence in light of the Holiday upcoming I jumped at the chance. Before I get started on my thoughts regarding financial independence, Pauline will be hosting a carnival tomorrow highlighting other posts like mine…

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Store Savings Cards – Loyal? Or Nuts?

– studentdebtsurvivor.com

Store Savings Cards – Loyal? Or Nuts?Am I the only person who thinks that store savings cards have gotten out of control?
I mean seriously! Have you counted the number of store savings cards on your key chain recently? After I took the photo of my key chain I counted all of those little pieces of plastic. Total number, 22! I don’t even shop at most of them in any given year, so how I ended up with so many I have no idea…

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My Day in Small Claims Court

– edwardantrobus.com

photo courtesy of http://www.courts.state.co.us/
On Monday, I mentioned that I had to appear in court for a debt I was already paying. I had intended to write about the experience with tips if you ever found yourself in a similar situation. Well, good news, bad news situation. Bad news: I can’t write that post…

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I’m a Landlord! The Townhouse Is Now Rented!Finally, three months after moving out, our townhouse is rented! It has taken quite taken a lot of work, research and time to get to this point! We’ve had a lot going on beside the townhouse in our lives so it is nice that the stress will let up a little bit now. We don’t have to worry about getting it rented or spending our weekends performing various tasks to upgrade or clean up the townhouse…

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Political Correctness in the WorkplacePolitical Correctness in the Workplace
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.Please enjoy this post from new staff writer, Mitchell Pauly.  Mitchell is the owner and head writer at Snark Finance…the only blog I know of that manages to make personal finance offensive on a daily basis.
There is no “I” in TEAM!
The workplace is no place for offensiveness, like West Virginia is no place for rhymes with “blues” and “acts”…

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Today’s post will be a something a little bit different from me. I am really interested in getting your opinion about this topic. One ofThe post How Much Should You Spend on a One Year Old’s Birthday Party? appeared first on .

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When couples begin their shared journey, common misconceptions about finances can set them back. People who were successful managers of their personal finances while single often believe that this success will simply continue into their next phase of life. Combining finances can be a tricky business, and when just starting out, it is important to …

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