Phrases Entrepreneurs Should Never Say

Phrases Entrepreneurs Should Never Say

never give upEntrepreneurs face a lot of things such as problems, obstacles, bad news, good news, bad results and good results every day. This is part of their lives because they are managing their own business, which is obviously not an easy thing to do. And if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should keep in mind that having problems and solving them will be part of your life. Thus, you should make the necessary adjustments in your life to be able to accommodate your business and make it successful.

Adjusting your schedule and your mindset will greatly help in the success of your business. And when it comes to mindset, even the smallest phrases that you say are involved. Managing a business is hard and can be frustrating at times but there are phrases entrepreneurs should never say because this will only cause more chaos in their company. This means that setting your mindset also involves choosing the things that you say because these things will also affect your business, whether you want them to or not.

Things You Should Never Say

Here are some phrases that you should never say, particularly out loud, when you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Proper mindset comes from the things that you choose to think about. And phrases that will bring negative thoughts and energy to you and your business are never good.

  • ‘I don’t want to hear bad news.’

As an owner of a business, you job is to listen and solve problems. Thus, the worst thing that you can ever say, especially in front of your employees, is that you don’t want to hear bad news. This will stop your people from bringing important issues that need resolving, which will end up in you not being aware of the things that need your attention.

  • ‘I play it safe.’

Playing it safe is not the way to go in the business world. You have to take risks and be ready to jump into new ideas to be able to execute great plans for your business, even if you are not entirely sure that you will succeed.

Of course, it would greatly help if you think things through but you also have to take chances so that you will reap good results from your efforts.

  • ‘I don’t have to be number 1.’

Aiming to be number one may seem a bit ambitious for a lot of people but for business people, it is the way to go. If you are not thinking that you should be number one, then you will never be, and this will take its toll on your business. Because you think that you do not have to be the best, your business won’t be the best and it won’t flourish entirely. Thus, this is one of the phrases entrepreneurs should never say because this will greatly affect the performance of your company.

  • ‘I want to do what makes the most money.’

Making money is one of your priorities when it comes to business, but that is not the only thing that you should focus on. Making money is great but making it by doing what you love and have passion for is even greater because it will bring your business success. It will also bring you personal satisfaction, which you cannot get with just plain money.

  • ‘I’m going to lose money no matter what I do.’

While making money should not be your only goal in building and running a business, you should never expect to lose it or to lose some of it. Your business was built so that you can make money so don’t expect to lose money on your business because that is what’s going to happen.

Of course, losing money is inevitable but do not welcome it. Do things that will bring back what you lost instead.

  • ‘What’s in it for me?’

This is also one of the phrases entrepreneurs should never say. Entrepreneurs do not work only for themselves. True entrepreneurs work for the benefit of others. They share things to others so that they will flourish with them. So, to be able to be a successful entrepreneur, you should learn how to help others and be of service to other people.

Not saying these phrases is a good start. You’re on your way to having a successful business.