Personal Wealth Structuring: Top Tips

Personal Wealth Structuring: Top Tips


Personal wealth is an extremely sensitive and important factor in the lives of those who have worked hard to build it. If you have managed to secure a significant amount of personal capital, then not only will you want it to continue to work for you, but you may also be interested in the financial legacy you leave to future generations. Undoubtedly you will have a plan, but putting the plan into action is something that you may need a little help with.

Who to Go to

Withersworldwide are a law firm who specialise in dealing with clients who have made great financial gains, whether that be through a business, their family or personally as an entrepreneur. Wealth structuring is an area in which Withers Worldwide excel and is one of a wide range of legal services that they offer. So if you are looking to set up a private equity fund, deferred compensation packages for employees or invest for the future of your family, you’ll be in safe hands.

How to Protect Your Assets

In order to protect and grow your assets, there are a number of different approaches you can take depending on the amount of capital and risk you are willing to commit to. These approaches are not just limited to traditional type of investment that you may be aware of. For example, the purchase and chartering of aircraft and sea going vessels can be an extremely lucrative way of investing your wealth, as can a diverse portfolio of investments that are backed by a pool of capital coming from several parties, whether they be family members or friends and associates.

Domestic and International Trusts

Domestic and international trusts are another good way to protect your capital. Putting capital into a trust protects it from creditors, you transfer money into the trust and then appoint a trustee, settlers and beneficiaries. You still control the money and can still access it, but it is protected.

Wealth structuring is a complex business and it pays for you to take advise from legal professionals in order to construct the best possible plan for your wealth. With so many options to choose from there will be a perfect solution for you, a solution that will protect your money while allowing it to growth and at the same time ensuring you are in control and access to your wealth as and when you need it.