Passive Income on Wheels

Passive Income on Wheels


Banks don’t really give high earning opportunities on savings accounts, and some are just finding stocks too intimidating to learn. Of course, when you plan on investing your hard-earned money, you would want something that would not only yield you good returns but also have minimal risk. Lucky for you, there are already quite a number of alternative investments you could get for your personal benefit. All you have to do is find the right one that would best suit your needs, and of course your financial capabilities. If you have some cash you would like to invest, you might want to consider investing it in a car. Yes, you read it a right – a car! You won’t need a whole lot of money for it, but potential income is quite good. And, in fact, more and more people are thinking of more ways and outlets on where to invest money in cars.

Earn Money While You Sleep

Whoever said earning money while you sleep is impossible clearly isn’t investing his or her money wisely! Passive income is the best kind of income because you let your money do all the work for you. All you have to do is find a good investment that would allow you to gain income even if you don’t put work or effort into it and you’re all set! A great example of this is buying to let cars. When you invest your money in buy to let cars, all you have to do is simply give your money and expect monthly returns garnering you around an average of 11% earning in a year. You wouldn’t even have to lift a finger, choose a car to buy or look for possible lessees for the car and yet you will receive pay-outs every month until you get back your money with returns!

Worry-free Investment

One of the safety nets that you will have when you invest in buy to let cars is that the V5C form will be sent to you as you are the investor. Even though the company may be listed as the keeper of the car, this is to eliminate the possible problems, dilemmas and issues to be directly addressed to you. And since you as the investor has the V5C form in hand, you would also be able to ask for the repossession of the car should things go south for the company.

In investing on apartments, houses, or condominiums for rent, you as the lessor, is held liable for possible damages in the unit. If there’s a leakage, faulty wiring, appliance that doesn’t work, or any other home troubles, you are required to have it fix and repaired while carrying out the expenses. There’s also the hassle of deciding whether to lease it out unfurnished or furnished. When you plan to lease it as a furnished unit, it would be added expenses on top of all the effort, time and energy you would need to give in order to make the space look good. On the other hand, when you invest in cars for lease, you won’t be bothered with any other costs relating to the car’s repairs, maintenance and check-ups. It’s literally just that – you invest in the car, you buy it, you have it leased it and you get money monthly without any headaches or worries at all.

Leased Cars are Being Favoured

Most people with bad credit scores or those with minimal cash flow and savings wouldn’t think of buying their own car for the sole reason that purchasing a car is very expensive! Most especially for people with bad credit scores, it would be particularly hard to get a financing company to help out on a car loan. That’s why people these days are opting for leased cars rather than purchasing their own. Why would you spend so much on your own car when you can lease one out without such a long-term commitment and heavy burden on your wallet, right?

Guaranteed Returns

Leasing out assets is pretty tricky since there is a huge chance that people may actually stop paying and just opt to default. This may probably one of the scariest things you could think of as a risk when investing in buy to let cars, but you don’t have to fret. There is a guaranteed amount per month each investor is set to receive monthly for roughly around three years until the investment is completely paid off with of course, a percentage of returns. Of course with any other kind of investments, you shouldn’t be fixated with just a single number for computing the returns you will gain at the maturity of your investment. Those are only given for references and it may not always seem the case. But whether or not there is a guaranteed optimistic value for your returns, one thing’s for sure is that you will see those returns without having to work for it at the end of your investment deal.