Outdoor Stereos, Training Wheels, and Dropbox Searches + MORE

Outdoor Stereos, Training Wheels, and Dropbox Searches + MORE

Learn a Foreign Language and Change Your Life

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Learn a Foreign Language and Change Your LifeIf you already speak English, you can consider yourself very lucky. In a sense, English is the lingua franca of today’s world. When two foreigners whose native tongues are not English try to communicate, the first thing they will do is default to English, which has become the unofficial second language the world over…

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Tips For Success: How to Create a Face-to-Face Networking PlanNetworking is one of those activities that everyone loves to hate. And for good reason. Most of us would rather spend an evening relaxing at home or playing with our kids instead of drinking watered-down cocktails and making small talk with strangers. However, even in today’s social media-centric world, there is no substitute for meeting people face-to-face…

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The Mind Body Connection: 5 Practices For Self-HealingYou already know this, but it bears repeating: your mental and emotional state impacts your health. And your health impacts your mental and emotional outlook.
They are interdependent, and if you support one, you are healing the other. If you neglect one, you are jeopardizing the other.
In Western culture, we tend to neglect both……

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Kindle Publishing: Fundamental Writing Tools

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Kindle Publishing: Fundamental Writing ToolsNow that you have seen the advantages of writing an eBook, and looked at some available niches, it’s time to get organized. To put your book together, I suggest that you gather some useful items to make the job easier and more streamlined. Here is a short list of fundamentally cool tools that can help you put all the pieces together when starting on your amazing eBook writing project…

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Impeccable Word

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Impeccable WordDon Miguel Ruiz states in his book The Four Agreements, “Be impeccable with your word, speak with integrity, and say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” It is so refreshing when someone tells you they are going to do something and they actually do it…

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How To Say Good Bye

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How To Say Good Bye

When there is much regret about your relationship with a parent, the end of life is an even more important time. No matter how many times we feel defeated or rejected by a parent, people usually continue to hope that something will enable healing or change. If so, you are very aware that this may be the last chance to ‘make something right’…

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Outdoor Stereos, Training Wheels, and Dropbox SearchesReaders offer their best tips for creating an outdoor stereo, getting better training wheels on a bicycle, and searching Dropbox with Everything.Read more…    

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It’s a Wonder!

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It’s a Wonder! 
I recently returned from a trip to southern Africa.  The trip included visiting five countries and, of course, resulted in seeing wondrous things including the people, places and the animals.  The place is so soul-touching it’s a wonder that I even returned home!
Hmm…there’s that familiar phrase…it’s a wonder…

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