Online Gambling is a Safer Option

Online Gambling is a Safer Option


The word ‘gambling’ instills fear in meotypes associated with gambling where a man loses his savings, car, house and even wife- online sites now offer mechanisms to self regulate gambling.

Ensure that you do not become vulnerable by taking the following steps offered by responsible online bingo sites

Players are denied below 18:

Players below the permitted age are straight away denied access to their winnings. They also forgo all the protections offered by the Gambling Commission for grievance redressal. In fact while registering, players are straight away denied on not having able to provide a valid age prove. Thus, ensure that you are above 18, and if you have children, they do not have access to your account. Use third party content filtering applications to effectively manage accounts.

Monitor the time and cash being invested:

While in casinos and bingo halls there is no limit on the amount you can spend, and even if there is it is too high to really curb your losses, online bingo sites are much more customisable. You can set a limit on how much money you can bet per day, how much time you spend on the site and well as authorise the site to block you after a certain amount of money is lost. You effectively eliminate the chances of spending more than you plan to, in this way.

You can see help from their portal:

Most online bingo sites have counsellors available at all times, and a helpline number you can contact in case you think you may be getting addicted. If you cross the limit you set for yourself, the sites often display warnings deterring you from continuing further.

Freeze your account:

Online bingo sites provide the option to freeze your account for a certain period of time. Once this is done, no promotions will be sent to you and is irreversible for six months or more, depending on the site’s policy. Your account will not be accessible, and can be reversed only after the lapse of the period stipulated. This is known as the self exclusion period.

Abundant of bonuses to play with:

Online gambling portals offer you not just free play versions but let’s you play free games and offers you with a lot of bonuses and monthly promotions every month.You use promo codes and coupon to avail some of these unique offers. GameVillage, a popular bingo portal offers a lot of perks. Click here to avail GameVillage bonus code.


Thus, with these measures in mind, it is safe to say that online gambling is a much more prudent option than is the rest. Ensure you are on a gambling site that protects players and ensures responsible gambling.