Making Money with Twitter

In the recent past, the world has experienced great advances in telecommunication. These advances have eased the way people communicate. Nowadays we can communicate through mobile phone, emails and through a number of social networks. Twitter, which is currently one of the popular social networks, has attracted a lot of attention across the globe. In fact, twitter is registering thousands and thousands new users daily. This is attributed to the fact that, it enable users make the most of their social networking. You not only get to tweet, make new friends, share a link, but also make money on twitter. If you choose to go with the last option, then you need to equip yourself with a number of ideas.

First and foremost, you should ask yourself this question, what is twitter. You cannot actually decide to invest in a business without knowing what products it offers. The same applies to making money with twitter. As we have mentioned in the first paragraph, twitter is a social network, enabling user chart, tweet, follow people, and share links about various topics. Just like email and Facebook, you need to sign up to this network for you to carry out the mentioned activities. It starts with accessing an internet-enabled phone or computer, search for the twitter website then sign up. From there, you can choose different ways of making money using your twitter page. But, you need to first of all attract a huge traffic (followers) to your page, through getting many friends, tweeting, commenting on other people tweets and such.

You can make money with your twitter page through these different ways
• Direct advertising
• Indirect advertising
• Product review
• Sponsored advertising

Direct advertising
If you have many followers, direct advertising is the best method of making money on twitter. Normally, you can create your own product or promote other products from your advertising agency. It is your duty to let your followers know more about these products. Your advertiser pays in commission with every sale you make.

Indirect advertising
Unlike direct advertising, indirect advertising uses persuasions tool to let followers consider purchasing products. In this case, you will be required to inform your followers on why you believe that this product is much more than what they are currently offered in the market. Like direct advertising, you are paid through commission, in line with the number of followers you managed to get.

Product review

A number of people have reviewed different products on behalf of a firm, and smiled all the way to the bank. You are expected to let your followers know more about such products, before deciding on their move. It is also another way of getting twitter money. But as we have mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, you need to first of all learn twitter, what it is capable of offering and such, for you to make the most of this site.