Little-known Ways to Stay Productive While Unemployed

Being unemployed is a nightmare and anyone who has been in such a situation would totally understand. But don’t let this bad phase ruin your life. Unemployment can open doors for many opportunities that you never knew existed. You won’t get lucky unless you continue to work hard and remain productive in this phase. The purpose of this post is to share some techniques that will allow you to stay productive while unemployed.


Here are ways to stay productive while unemployed.

1. Hang around positive and upbeat people

During the dark days of unemployment, your mind will keep creating negative thoughts and scenarios. This will bog you down and can hurt your self-esteem up to a point where it becomes irreparable. Do not let this happen. The easiest ways to stay positive and productive while unemployed is to spend time with people who are doing what they love and have a positive vibe about themselves.

2. Do freelance work

Part-time or freelance work will boost your morale and guide and give you the motivation you need to push through this bad phase. I know some people who started freelancing because of unemployment but ended up becoming successful at it. Now they are their own boss and are highly rated on freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr. There is a positive aspect of everything that happens in life. All you have to do is recognize it and seize the opportunity when presented.

3. Follow a schedule

I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” Earl of Chesterfield

Scheduling is key to living a free and disciplined life. Don’t be like one of those unemployed people who let themselves loose and become too comfortable with being jobless. No one can be productive by being too comfortable all the time. There will be days when you won’t feel like applying for jobs and actively looking for a job opening. But you still have to go against your emotions and do the right thing.

4. Workout every single day

Lifting weights is the best way to get rid of the anxiety and negative thoughts that consume your mind while being unemployed. Working out also burns fat and keeps your body and mind active. You want your mind to be sharp when an opportunity suddenly arises. No company wants to hire a person who is overweight and mentally lazy. Research has proven that overweight people are way less productive than someone who is fit.


A day job keeps you productive as it forces you to follow a routine and live an organized life. The day you lose your job, the structure gets broken and you become all over the place. Hence, it is really important to create your own schedule and follow it religiously. You can also learn new continue to learn new skills that will help you get your ideal job. YouTube and Udemy are great resources for learning any marketable skill.