Learn From Everyone and Everything around You

Just because your startup is earning a lot of money with much popularity without even actually shaping a product, doesn’t mean you’ve reached your heights. Maybe a volcano hasn’t erupted in a millions years doesn’t mean it isn’t full of new information for the scientists who study it. You may be a software engineer from the best engineering college in the country, but the pace with which new programming languages and new technologies are being launched into the market, landing into the best jobs is not that easy. You know the sun rises every day, but every sunset is different and prettier than its previous one.

Learn from every single person online and offline that you can. But still apply critical thinking to what you learn. You might find more applicable tips from an uneducated woman in your gym who lost 40 pounds than you would from a buff trainer. You never know. But keep learning, and never limit your sources of info. Sometimes people who’ve “been there, done that” are more accountable to your problems than the forums you visit on the Internet that constitutes “real-life”. Don’t just learn from other gurus in your area or co-workers or bosses. Go to seminars. Look outside the industry. Pick something which falls outside your comfort zone. Get a mentor. Get in Mastermind groups.

Sometimes you job may not excite you so much. If you aren’t sure about where you want to be, get onto the learning path to discover your passion and interests. There are so many learning opportunities now available on the Internet these days that help people expand their skills at little to almost no cost, without any traveling, and in a variety of new ways. There are literally hundreds of courses with partnership with universities all across the world. With the plethora of higher learning institutions offering up various degrees, you’ll be sure to find something that might interest you. If you have a strong affinity for law enforcement, for example, you can take up a Criminal justice Degree online and be able to do so comfortably at home. If there is something you want to cook, or you want to try out some new hair styles, you can always look it up on YouTube or Google it. Pinterest boards are the new trend! And you know what never gets old- the library. When you step into the library, the smell in that perfume of paper and dust is a drug that fills you up with a new energy. Get into a habit of regular reading. If nothing your vocabulary would definitely improve.

Knowledge is more worthy than gold. You may have earned all the money in the world, but you cannot know everything. The universe is full of mysteries. The universe is infinite. That is what it is teaching you: Never stop learning. That is how you grow.