Katy Perry Will Sing at Your Wedding for Less Than $1.9 Million + MORE

Katy Perry Will Sing at Your Wedding for Less Than $1.9 Million + MORE

Should I go into engineering?

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Should I go into engineering?Recently, I received a few emails asking whether getting a degree in engineering is a good idea. Okay, I have to say I am not comfortable giving career advice to students. I’m afraid I would steer them wrong and mess up their future! I’d rather give advice to people in their 20’s and 30’s who have a bit more life experience and can make their own decisions…

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In Which I Enter a Justin Bieber Contest.
This is totally random, but very totally true.
On Friday I see the following tweet:
I’m giving away a Meet & Greet w/ @JustinBieber and concert tix this weekend. #SanDiego #LosAngeles http://t.co/ntNAtDDjrm HONESTLY!
— Stefanie Mullen (@ooph) June 21, 2013I think I’m pretty funny, so I write back:
“@ooph Nice! I’ll enter only if @JustinBieber tells me he budgets and thinks they’re sexy 😉 Deal?”
Now, two things before I continue:

I had no idea who was sponsoring this giveaway other than my friend “ooph” (Stephanie Mullen)
I also didn’t care if I won a chance to meet Justin or not, though I did enter cuz it would be funny…

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Katy Perry Will Sing at Your Wedding for Less Than $1.9 MillionWhy pay a cover artist when you can get the real deal?There’s now an industry devoted entirely to booking pop stars for anything from bar mitzvahs to corporate parties, MarketWatch says.One such company is Hollywood Pop, whose “concerts have featured such notable performers as John Mellencamp, Tony Bennett, Katy Perry, Olivia Newton-John, Seal, Donna Summer, Earth Wind & Fire, and Bon Jovi,” its website says…

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With our house closing in on five years old, there are some home maintenance issues that are starting to crop up. Things like the HRV (air exchanger) motor giving out, window seals breaking, and a few more weeds in the grass.  The most recent problem was a leaking hot water heater, so I called a popular boiler service company to come in and replace it…

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This guest post is from Naomi Mannino. Naomi is a freelance consumer personal finance and health journalist who reports on health, medical and personal finance news and how it will affect your life today. You can follow Naomi on Twitter @naomimannino. My 19-year-old daughter came to me sobbing and wanting to borrow $20 for a concert because she didn’t have any money…

Four Reasons to Talk Honestly About Money

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Four Reasons to Talk Honestly About MoneyPrior to starting Consumerism Commentary, I didn’t talk about money. I’d encountered money problems with friends and families, and dealt with the problems as they came, but except for a conversation later on with my father once I was starting to improve my financial situation, it just wasn’t a topic for general discussion…

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The need to effectively communicate one’s personality, abilities, and experiences to others is important from the day you begin playing with other kids and throughout your childhood and adult life. Your skill in the critical process of interviewing determines your friends, your spouse, your job, and career…

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Money or Time: What’s More Valuable?In the quest to save money or make money, it’s easy to get caught up in the strictly financial aspects of what you’re doing. After all, if you want money – whether you are trying to get the best deal on something, or trying to earn a few extra bucks – it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get that money…

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Best Deals for Monday 06/24

– wisebread.com

Best Deals for Monday 06/24
Link for teaser title:http://www.wisebread.com/deals

50% off Sephora by OPI Nail Polish, New Balance Men’s Cross-Trainers $36, Classic Shapewear Panties + Thongs $4, and Home Depot takes up to $1,200 off appliances…

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4 Things I would be more interested in if I was WealthyThere are many reasons that people want to be wealthy. One of these reasons is freedom. Freedom to pursue hobbies, interests, and work opportunities that they want to pursue. When I start thinking about what it would like to be wealthy, I sometimes think about the things that I would pursue if money wasn’t as much of a factor…

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How Millenials Are Changing the Economy
Jane has always wanted to see Aruba. She wants Robert to take her there to celebrate his late retirement. But Robert’s head is pounding from an unrelenting fear: they won’t have enough money to spare from their savings.
Fifty-six years (give or take a decade) working for a company, and you’d think there’d be a comfortable package waiting for him, but this year, Robert’s company is sinking and the funds aren’t there for him, or his retiring colleagues…

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Last year, a man named Jim O’Shaughnessy discovered a simple investment strategy that turned $10,000 into $1.84 billion.
This strategy has trounced the stock market for decades. Even better, it has always done so with less volatility than the stock market. To me, that sounds like a “Holy Grail” investment…

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Retirement Investments: The Available OptionsRetirement is the stage where one stops being employed completely. One can semi-retire by working fewer hours in a day as compared to what they would. People retire when they are able to get public or pension benefits. Sometimes people are forced to take retirements when they experience physical problems that cannot allow them to work anymore…

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How to apply for PAN card?

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How to apply for PAN card?SJR Primecorp Parkway Homes | Pre launch offer for limited period!!!

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is identity for  those who are paying the income tax to the government. It is an unique identification number given by the govt. to all who are paying the income tax. If you are new employee or business men who are going to earn money for the first time, it is first thing that you have to get the PAN card before start paying the income tax…

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The Advantages of Coupons You Never KnewMost of us use coupons. Coupons help us spend less. We previously posted How to Effectively use Vouchers and Coupons here. Sometimes use of coupons do increase spending. Basically manufacturers and distributors use coupon to lure customers in to shopping. I wrote about this in the article How Online Coupons Increased our Spending…

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As I’ve mentioned before on The Simple Dollar, Sarah and I have a pretty straightforward policy when it comes to allowances for our children. To reiterate the highlights:
+ Our children get $0.50 times their age each week for allowance. This means that a six year old would get $3.00 per week under this system…

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How to Stay Relevant in a Techie World

– prairieEcothrifter.com

How to Stay Relevant in a Techie WorldI’m in my mid twenties, but I find that, as I get older, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with all of the interesting new products coming out, particularly in technology. I grew up in a decade when technology was quickly advancing, but there were barely such thing as cell phones when I was a kid, so I am not as quick to pick up new devices as the kids that grew up in the next decade…

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Free Pizza from Papa Johns and More Deals of the WeekDid someone say, “Free Pizza!”?This week’s deals are great for family fun. Plan a movie and pizza night with the kids or go on an outing to the local Bass Pro Shop for archery! Enjoy some quality time with your spouse and kids — all at little to no cost.
Free Papa Johns Pizza – When you spend $15 on an order use the promo code SUMMER and you can receive a free pizza on a future order…

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Should You Rethink an Annuity for Retirement?

– canadianfinanceblog.com

Should You Rethink an Annuity for Retirement?One of the most reviled financial products out there is the annuity. Many people don’t like them because it seems like a restriction. After all, you give your money to someone else, and they parse it out to you on a regular basis.
Another downside to the annuity is that it often comes with high fees and there are beneficiary difficulties as well in some cases…

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Last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) proposed converting the regulatory environment for American banks into a “two-tiered” system that would separate the major Wall Street banks from their comparatively tiny, small-town banks and credit unions.
Warren, who was among the severest of critics of major banks during the 2008 crisis (when she chaired the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel) and more recently as a member of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, suggested that it’s time for the labyrinth of regulations that big banks have to follow be straightened and simplified for smaller, community-based lenders…

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Just a reminder that Wealth Lion has posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Here are the latest ones:

What I am Doing Now Financially – Here I share the financial moves I am currently working on.
Financials of Real Estate Investment #1 – Details (including financials and pictures) on my first rental property (which is humming along quite nicely now…

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The REAL Lifetime Cost of a Smartphone Plan (Warning: May Induce Vomiting)If you want a smart phone with unlimited data, you’re going to pay a lot of money.
The big 2 carriers have moved to more of an unlimited talk/text model (talk/text is cheap) that allows you to choose how much data you want/need. The less big 2 carriers offer you “unlimited” data (check their T’s and C’s to see if “unlimited” is truly unlimited)…

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Is Working From Home Becoming the Norm?As many of you know, my plan is to start working from home full time on January 1, 2014. I’m so excited about the possibilities that I could literally burst!
It’s going to be such a big change, but its also a step in the right direction for having the type of work/life balance that I’m craving…

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Keep Calm And Carry On

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The old saying, “Keep calm and carry on,” from The Blitz in the United Kingdom during World War II has been morphed into various creative alternatives in recent years for the younger set and adorns their T-shirts and walls.
But we don’t need any derivations now.
Investors are smack-dab in the beginnings of the unraveling of easy-money policies that most major governments have been conducting in the hopes of getting the global economy moving again without sinking into collapse…

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