Jobs you could Land with a Degree in Business Management

Business management is a go-to professional qualification for those who want to acquire expertise in a wide range of business concepts. Starting from building market strategies to managing operations, a business management programme can equip students with all the necessary skills relevant to the international business setting. Furthermore, depending on their interests, students can choose to pursue specialised study in the scope of business management. This programme is focused on training students for a business environment across various industries.

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In this blog, you will garner a vivid understanding of the job prospects that studying business management courses can offer. Read on to find the list of rewarding career avenues and determine which role suits your professional goals the best.

Career opportunities with a degree in business management

  • Financial Analyst: If you want to take up the role of a financial analyst, you must have exceptional financial modelling and reporting skills, the ability to work with details, be well-versed with Microsoft Excel and strong communication and analytical skills. Their job responsibilities within an organisation are as follows:
  1. Determining operational costs and establishing standard costs;
  2. Identifying the financial status of an organisation by comparing the actual results with the predicted results;
  3. Guiding cost analysis;
  4. Establishing procedures and policies within an organisation;
  5. Comparing and correcting data;
  6. Conducting comparative analyses and recommending actions to the management;
  7. Designing automated accounting applications and using them to enhance productivity;

The average annual salary commanded by a financial analyst is £41,760.

  • Business Advisor: A business advisor is responsible for analysing an organisation’s business and financial plans. Their day-to-day responsibilities include:
  1. Establishing future methods of development;
  2. Managing and monitoring projects and their progress;
  3. Budget management;
  4. Preparing reports about project status;
  5. Assisting teams in identifying and analysing business requirements;
  6. Ensuring that the project comply with the set standards;
  7. Risk management to alleviate risks or reduce their occurrence.

A business advisor should have excellent business acumen, good communication skills and extensive industry knowledge. On average, they can earn about £23,985 per annum.

  • Business Analyst: Business analysts are responsible for the designing and modification of business systems. A business analyst should have excellent verbal communication skills, an in-depth understanding of business objectives, strong documentation skills, a good ear for useful information and must have exceptional presentation skills. Their typical duties include:
  1. Identifying and outlining business challenges and issues;
  2. Developing solutions for certain business problems;
  3. Conducting detailed business analysis;
  4. Performing financial modelling, variance analysis and pricing;
  5. Identifying and defining business requirements;
  6. Financial reporting. 

The average salary of a business analyst is £42,810 per year. 

  • Sales Manager: If you take up the role of a sales manager, you will be responsible for driving the sales efforts of an organisation and their products. Yout typical duties would include: 
  1. Designing a sales plan by factoring in elements such as revenue, cover sales and expense controls;
  2. Setting sales goals and helping sales teams achieve them;
  3. Tracking the progress of the sales team with respect to the sales goals;
  4. Supervising the on-the-job training of sales trainees;
  5. Overseeing and gauging the performance of the sales team;
  6. Liaising with the marketing team for lead generation;
  7. Creating customer personas to better channel sales efforts. 

A sales manager must have good negotiation skills, expertise in the sales planning and strategising, the ability to build relationships with customers and a good command over language. The average annual salary commanded by a sales manager is £38,124.

If any of the above-mentioned jobs are synonymous with your professional goals, taking up a business management degree can be a good idea. It can not only offer you a broad spectrum of knowledge but also help you acquire specialised skills that are relevant to your area of interest.