Is It Possible to Get Paid to Read Emails?

Is It Possible to Get Paid to Read Emails?

Have you ever thought that it could be possible earning money by reading emails in your spare time?

Advertisement agencies are working continually to come up with new and inventive ways to promote products and services offered by their clients. Gone are the days when manufacturers and service providers used to rely solely on TV ads, billboards, and flyers. They are willing to pay the customer himself/herself to let them advertise their products and services.

With the advent of smartphones and high-speed internet, it is far easier to connect with potential customers. This is why advertisers these days are offering customers a few bucks each month to read their emails. Keep in mind that these companies are not going to pay you to read your personal emails. Based on your profile, they will send you a few emails each day.

Here Are a Few Easy Ways to Get Paid to Read Emails

1) InboxPays

Want to earn five dollars right away? InboxPays adds five dollars to your account just for signing up. Next, they will send you paid emails on your registered email address. Along with that, you also have an option to earn extra by playing online games. Basically, advertisers on InboxPays are looking for people like you who are willing to give their honest opinion about a product or service.

2) Cash4Offers

Cash4Offers members have earned more than $150,000 to date. You can join them by signing up with this “get paid to read email” website. In addition, you will also get a five-dollar bonus just for signing up. This is one of the rare websites who are reputed to send emails every single day. Hence, you have an opportunity to earn at least a few cents each day. It takes only a few seconds to read an email.

3) UniqPaid

Not all “make money online” website allows people from the eastern part of the world to participate. They are more interested in users from the US and UK. UniqPaid is the only website that accepts users from Asia and the Eastern part of Europe. Don’t let this unique opportunity slip away.

4) InboxDollars

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InboxDollars is one of the most popular “get paid to read email” website. The PaidEmail system allows you to earn a few dollars each month. To begin your journey with InboxDollars, simply create an account. They will never charge you to sign-up or perform any of the assigned tasks. Once you sign-up, you just need to wait for am email from InboxDollars that includes a magenta-colored button with “Confirm This PaidEmail” as the label.


Making money online may involve some risk. Especially if the website is asking you to pay a sign-up fee. This is not the case with any of the above-mentioned sources. In fact, most of them pay you a few dollars as a sign-up bonus. You won’t earn a lot but enough to maybe pay your electricity bill.