Is Gold a good Investment?

The turn of the millennium has seen unparalleled growth in business, which has worked to drive more and more people into investment. Gone are the days when business was left to those with ‘lucky genes’ as people from all classes of life now resort to alternative sources of income other than just employment. However, before you stick your nose into the very tricky investment sector, you need to evaluate the viability of your investment, especially if you are dealing with something as precious as gold. Before you even attempt to make money from gold, the question you need to ask yourself is how much profit you could make from it.

Value of Gold

The good news for anyone intending to profit from gold is that the value of gold has literally skyrocketed over the past few months. This is good news, but you should also beware that this value could fluctuate at times so you always need to be prepared for the worst. The tricky thing about investing in gold is that there is no particular way of determining its value. This has been left to the mercy of its buyers and sellers. This therefore begs the question, is gold a good investment?

Why Not?

The truth is that gold has no intrinsic value, apart from just looking at it. This has led many investors to shy off, as its valuation can almost be termed arbitrary. This notwithstanding, there isn’t a better time to make profit from gold than now. Here are some of the reasons you need to consider investing in this precious substance:

• Reliability: Different investors have varied opinions when it comes to investing in gold. However, the reality remains that for a country which relies on the ever fluctuating paper currency, the best escape in times of inflation will always be precious metals like gold.
• Diversity: This precious metal offers you many investment avenues to explore such as the bullion, mining stocks and ETF.
• High prices: The current all-time high prices of gold make it much easier to make money from gold.

However, before deciding to invest in this field, you ought to be prepared to cater for the high storage costs which are as a result of the high value of gold. In addition, you need to know the right time to cash in as selling gold every time you need to balance your other finances is an unhealthy practic