I no Longer Spend Money I Do Not Have + MORE

I no Longer Spend Money I Do Not Have + MORE

How to Build the Muscle of Change

– weonlydothisonce.com

How to Build the Muscle of Change
If you are anything like me, you have resolved to change something in your life and then failed after 2-3 weeks.
Although it has taken me some time to change my habits, I am not afraid of change, simply because I have developed what some call the “change muscle”.
Our change muscle is like any other muscle; it tends to be weak at first, but we can build it up with practice…

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Don’t Make These Three Money Mistakes… Trust MePlease Don’t Make These Money Mistakes…
Today we welcome back our normal Tuesday contributor, Catherine Alford!
We all make money mistakes, and as a personal finance blogger, I think it’s important for me to fess up when they happen to show readers that I’m definitely not perfect either…

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20 Questions That are Illegal for Interviewers to Ask

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Did you know there are some questions interviewers aren’t allowed to ask when you’re being vetted for a job? Questions about your age, family and general lifestyle are considered discriminatory, and interviewers are not supposed to ask those questions.
Knowing what questions are illegal to ask can help you skirt them during an interview, or avoid answering them unwittingly when an interviewer asks you to talk about yourself…

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An Anchor, a Stripper and a Goat-Hair Collector: The World From Different Points of ViewAn Anchor, a Stripper and a Goat-Hair Collector: The World From Different Points of View
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.

Joe Saul-Sehy was a financial advisor for 16 years. His new website, Stacking Benjamins, launches today. What’s it like to be financial planner for people from diverse walks of life? Our guest blogger shares some “unique” stories…
What did I hate about being a financial advisor? That’s easy: Neurotic clients who knew nothing about the financial world and didn’t want a teacher…they just wanted someone to blame…

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Spend Less On Housing

– dinksfinance.com

Spend Less On HousingHi All,
If you’re like many Americans, you are probably looking ways to shave money from your housing bill.  There usually aren’t any quick fixes with this sort of thing, most of them require some degree of sacrifice.   That said, here are some moves you might consider.
For renters:
1) Work Your Lease…

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My Wedding Budget and Plans: Part 1 – Dress and Photos
Yesterday I announced my new second blog, which means that I can get back to talking about all things WEDDING on Making Sense of Cents again. Okay, I really won’t be talking about our wedding that much, but some is better than none, right?  I haven’t talked about the wedding in quite a while, but there are a lot of things that we need to start planning…

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When buying a new home there are a host of fees and expenses that most people aren’t aware of when they go in. Here’s a brief look at the expenses to expect when buying a new home.

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I no Longer Spend Money I Do Not Have

– Financialblacksheep.com

I never thought I would say this, but I no longer spend money I do not have.  I do not use credit, I do not want loans, I will not even borrow money if I forget my wallet.  Maybe I … Continue reading →The post I no Longer Spend Money I Do Not Have appeared first on Financial Black Sheep…

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When applying for a secured loan, the borrower uses their property or sometimes another valuable asset to get the loan. The property essentially acts as a form of collateral to cover the risk the lender takes to lend the money. The process of receiving the secured loan isn’t overly complicated, but getting the cheapest homeowner …

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Rant Alert: What Riles You Up?!

– frugalrules.com

Happy Tuesday everyone! It has been a crazy couple of weeks in the Frugal Rules home and I completely spaced on writing a post for today. In light of that, I looked back at the archives and saw that I’ve not had a good rant lately, so to bring a little levity to your usual Tuesday reading, I thought that I would share some of the things that get me riled up and make me wonder what on earth some people are thinking or why some things are done a certain way…

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4 Investing Tips for the Recently Married
June is the most popular month of the year to get married, and if you’re planning on tying the knot this month or recently did, the first thing on your list – after paying off debt for wedding costs – should be devising a mutual investing strategy.
If you openly discuss the topic of finances with your spouse and come up with a unified plan, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a financially comfortable companionship for life…

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Insurance – Part of a Better Business PlanThose who own a business should be prepared to face any kind of trouble. Insurance can be extremely useful as it will give you the protection for your business and your personal assets.  We choose to have insurance in our personal life, so why not include insurance with our business?
Some insurance companies like AXA Business insurance, even have the experience in dealing with customers from all around the world…

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