How Today’s Sensibilities Are Gaming The System

How Today’s Sensibilities Are Gaming The System


Define gender in a politically correct sense, and good luck to you. Yet this issue has gotten so big, bathrooms nationwide are being legally forced—for business reasons, among legal ones—to change their very bathrooms. Texas may be a conservative state, but the trends of law and politics in places like Austin are already spreading this trend throughout.


It’s all so subjective, anyone willing to pursue a bluff long enough can win a hand with the court. There’s actually a man who is fighting a legitimate legal battle to marry his computer. If that man were successful, new legislation would establish a precedent, and property theft could technically be kidnapping and spousal abuse.

It sounds like a bad comedy or something out of the Twilight Zone, but that’s the crazy mixed-up world we live in these days where people are driven to seek out social anxiety treatments in fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. As people ignore these changes and try to will them away, the problem only gets worse. It has gotten to the point today that operating any business without some sort of legal protection is basically pirouetting through a minefield while humming a stupid tune.

You’re going to misstep, and then business body parts will be leaking financial blood all over the field, and there will be no one to put Humpty together again. The fact is, litigious battles are expensive, drawn-out, and the winners aren’t always profitable after the fact.

If you’re embroiled in one of these, it has a very real chance of imploding your business.

Responsible financial operation requires you find an attorney that can be trusted in to protect your interests, and those of the company, in a political and legal environment transitioning so fast it’s nigh impossible to keep up.

Lone Star State Solutions

For a Texas sexually oriented business licensing attorney, Monshaugen & Van Huff “can provide thorough counsel and defense if you are charged with an infraction or a protest is filed against you.” The “Texas” part of that sentence is integral: laws in the Lone Star State are going to differ from those in other regions.

But if Austin is any indicator, even Texas laws are definitely threatened. You don’t know what you don’t know, and there’s no reason to let ignorance undermine your business. The savings you will sustain by adopting proper legal representation as your organization moves forward will more than pay for that representation over time. At least, that’s the likelihood.


The larger tax law becomes, the more loopholes remain unclosed, merely waiting for discovery.

Law is a human creation, and human beings are imperfect. Ergo, anything they make will bear the mark of their imperfection. That includes your business and the country’s legal system.

Attorneys with acumen know how to use this system to the advantage of clients; especially in situations where what is “legal” and what is “just” are not the same things.

Worthwhile Considerations

Refraining from securing representation can get you in trouble quick, when social mores like bathroom assignment are even threatened by swift political changes. It could be that you’ll end up being embroiled in a scandal without representation, and sustaining it will be more costly. But retaining representation will allow you to avoid the mishaps which are difficult to see, and so proactively preserve your operations.

From a financial angle, an attorney is as integral as traditional overhead costs like utilities, rent, property acquisition/maintenance, marketing, production, and employee wages/benefits.

Additionally, with so many overhead items, in the bigger picture it’s a relatively small expense; especially when contrasted against the substantial losses that are likely to come from a highly-publicized suit involving some sexual component.