How to Make Money on Squidoo

You might be reading this and you are wondering what is squidoo. Well, squidoo is a website that allows users and visitors to create web pages. These pages are known as squidoo lens and visitors create such pages on any topic of their choice. Squidoo is a community based website. With squidoo, even biggest technophobes can create their web pages. It also allows users to make money through a plan for sharing revenue. Whether you choose to make money on squidoo or use it to make money elsewhere, it holds a lot of promises for you.

Making money on squidoo requires you to create lenses or even one lens then add different sorts of widgets. These will help customize the lenses to make them your very own. As such, you may add pictures, text, polls, and videos, among others. However, you do not have entire control over the lenses. All the content you need to be in your lens must fit in their template. The template in which you fit your content also has other content such as adverts from other merchants and a number of services like those of eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense and cafe press.

One way of making money on squidoo is when you get a share of the earnings cut from those ads. This is usually done in two ways:

1. When someone click on any of the affiliate links from either eBay, Amazon or any other and place a purchase. In that case, you receive 50 percent of the overall commission. The other half of the commission is kept by squidoo.
2. Google Adsense is another way of making money on squidoo. Revenue emanating from the whole site is brought together. Here, squidoo keep half of the revenue and the other half is distributed to people who own squidoo lens. However, lensmasters get different amount of revenue with the ones that are highly ranked receiving a share that is much larger than the others.

Therefore, the amount of money you make on squidoo depends on the amount of effort you put. However, it is important to note that revenues will be very slow at the beginning only to pick up when you get some of your lenses ranked higher than those of others. This is when you get significant traffic flowing to them.

As such, you can pull in some amounts of dollars every month if you build an entire bunch of well ranked lenses. Therefore, you have to be patient because at the end of the day your effort will surely pay off. Squidoo is a really recommendable way of making money online effectively. This is because you are not restricted on the topics you write on. Thus, you write on any topic that you feel you can do your best. This way, you are able to maximize your production via squidoo lens.