How to Make Extra Money in Today’s Economy?

How to Make Extra Money in Today’s Economy?

I am a college student.The pocket money received is meager. My parents say “Stretch your feet according to your coverlet” or else look out for other options. Yes! A good idea indeed! Instead of adjusting my expenses, I thought how do I earn extra money. Earning additional money isn’t that tough a job. It just requires an hour or two every day which I can spare without any problem.

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Give a ride!

I not only own a car but also carry a valid driving license.  Since a few college mates reside near my home, why not pick and drop them for a few bucks. This shall save their time waiting for transport, the heavy crowd as well as benefit my pocket.Moreover,having a driving license gives an opportunity to take up part-time jobs as a driver during holidays. During vacations, people traveling to same destinations can be carpooled. This is certainly a welcome source of income.

Work from ‘HOME’

These days, every home has an internet connection and a PC/laptop. This internet connection and PC gives you various types of job opportunities. Creating blogs, data entry, content writing are some jobs which internet supports. Many, work from home and part-time jobs are also supported by the internet.

Taking tuitions at home

Taking tuitions at home is a very good source of additional income. These days both the parents are working and they find it tedious to teach their young ones. When a student scores a perfect, we have personal satisfaction and also receive appreciation for our service. Taking tuitions for Tenth and Twelfth standard students is a big responsibility but this is compensated with high pay for the services. Similarly,being a career counselor on a part-time basis is also a very good option. There is a gap in the market for resourceful and reliable guidance on career advice. Due to this, all students end up doing the safe option of Engineering, instead of introspecting their field of choice based on their passion and interest. A student who is very creative and good at photography can be convinced to take up 3D animation course or journalism, which will help him pursue a professional career as well as support his passion.

Turn your hobby into a part-time profession

Every adult must have had a hobby since his childhood.These may include talents such as in Swimming, Singing, Flute, playing cricket, football or any other sport.This additional talent gives us an opportunity to coach students in respective fields during holidays and weekends. Coaching will not only fetch you cash but also keep you in touch with your hobby. It is certain to increase your knowledge and brings fame if your students do well.

Food for the guests in our city!

In Cosmo-political cities, we have people from all other states staying in PG’s due to job commitment or studies.They find it very difficult to get home food. Most of the hotels are expensive. Supporting these people with home cooked food will be a good idea to provide for our pockets as well as their health.