How to Have an Enjoyable Wedding That’s Within or Below Your Wedding Budget

How to Have an Enjoyable Wedding That’s Within or Below Your Wedding Budget

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A wedding is a big deal for many couples who want to tie the note. If you’ve got a tight budget, it’s still possible to have that lovely wedding even without breaking a sweat. Here are some practical pointers to help you have an affordable yet glamorous wedding:

1. Let a Friend Be the Photographer

Whether you’ve got a camera or not, it’s still possible to get some killer pics of your Big Day. All you need is a smartphone and a buddy of yours who’s great at taking killer photos. You could also hire an amateur photographer to take the snaps. It’s way easier on your pocket than getting that pro photographer who charges an arm and a leg.

2. Let the Guests Bring Something for Meals

Your folks will support you on this one. Not only does it cut on catering costs, but it’s also a great way to ensure that everyone gets something to eat. Someone could also volunteer to whip some dessert afterwards. It could be your or your special one’s mum, or anyone else with out of this world cooking skills.

3. Arrange for the Reception To Be At An Affordable Place

There are plenty of pocket friendly, simple and lovely places to have a reception like a restaurant of your choice. Get all your loved ones together and have some fun. An entertaining friend or relative can take care of the entertainment bit as well. It beats those high end reception joints anywhere. It will surprise you how much cash you’re expected to fork at such pricey venues.

4. Have a Gifted Baker friend to Do Your Wedding Cake

Or, you could look around for someone who’s ready to do it at an affordable price. Be sure to find as many people as you can and compare their charges before making your final decision. If you’re a pro with cakes and other pastries or you’ve got a friend who is, you’ve saved yourself a whole lot of effort and cash.

5. Have Close Pals and Family Attend Your Wedding

One thing about weddings is this: the more the people, the higher your budget becomes. Save some cash by inviting only those closest to both of you. It’s better to have your loved ones at your wedding than getting worked up about spending lots of money on a crowd.

6. Consider the Type of Rings You’re Going For

Rings can eat up an unbelievable chunk of your budget, especially if they are to have some expensive jewel on them. Cut on costs by going for something simple like a band with a simple inscription. The options are endless. Just  go for something that works for both of you.

7. Get an Affordable and Elegant Wedding Dress

Look around for a place that sells cheap wedding dresses. You’re sure to find your choice of dress from the wide variety of wedding dresses available. There’s also the option of putting on one of your best dresses that resembles an actual wedding dress on your special day.