How to be Careful with Your Money Online?

With a booming trend of e-commerce platforms, more and more consumers are shifting the way they shop for goods. Especially in the current pandemic situation, e-commerce platforms have found an added impetus.

From paying bills to grocery shopping, we carry out a lot of our everyday transactions and activities online. As such, it is essential to be careful and follow some safety measures while handling money online.

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Here are some tips that you could keep in mind to keep your money safe while using the internet.

Card Details

Do not share your card details like number and CVV, randomly with any site unless it is a secure payment channel.

Saved Details

Once you are done with the payment procedures, delete the card information and associated cookie data, so that no third party operators can misuse your data.

Secure Channel

While carrying out transactions online, always look for the security status of the website you are visiting, especially make sure that the payment window has https in the URL.


Sometimes spyware and malware can sieve sensitive data stored in a site or document. Ensure that you have up-to-date, good-quality antivirus software installed to keep any malware activity in check.


Try to use different passwords for different transactions and store them securely. You can use a software like LastPass that allows you to store multiple passwords in a protected manner.

Credit or Debit Card Information

It is advisable not to write down your card data anywhere or share OTPs with anyone. Remember that no customer support agent from a bank or e-commerce would require your personal information like card number or CVV under any circumstances.

Using the Right Card

If you are doubtful about the credentials of a website you are visiting, it is better to use your credit card instead of a debit card, in case you have to.

Cloud Wallets

Nowadays, there are several cloud wallet options available offered by trusted companies like Google, Amazon, and others. If you frequently make transactions online, keep some money in your cloud wallet to enjoy a hassle-free buying option, and also to avoid using your cards altogether.

Online Buying and Betting

It is possible to buy anything on the internet and also earn money. While online poker and other betting avenues might be lucrative deals but are also dangerous gateways to lose money, so make sure to keep a check on all your expenses online to prevent going bankrupt!

Type URL

It is preferably safer to type the URL of the retailer website in the address bar instead of clicking a link. This is a simple way to avoid visiting pop-up sites that can be avenues for hackers to steal sensitive information.


If you are using a public Wi-Fi network, make sure to a trusted VPN service so that your data is encrypted and cannot be spied upon.

Two-step Verification

Enable two-step verification process for whichever bank card you are using to ensure added layers of protection while carrying out transactions.


Finally, just be careful and use your common sense before sharing any bank related information or sensitive details online. Be smart, safe, and of course, enjoy!