How Do Marketing And Golf Go Hand-In-Hand?

How Do Marketing And Golf Go Hand-In-Hand?

Golf and marketing work together very well. Golf is a slow and leisurely pastime that you can use to make business deals, get to know people, and have fun. Also, golf tournaments or events are a good way for you to market your business or your charity. Use the tips below to create a marketing plan that involves golfing events you know your clients or patrons will enjoy.


Use The Golf Club As A Meeting Space

When you use a club like Blue Sky Golf Jacksonville, you can sit in a conference room to discuss business deals that might happen soon. You can meet with clients you have just brought to town, and you can use the golf club as a backdrop for your dealings. You will impress your clients, and you can take them on the course for a friendly game of golf.

Clients that play golf with you will have a good time because they do not feel like they are attending a “strictly business” meeting. You can also chat with them about their families and interests. You get to know your clients, and they feel more comfortable with you at the same time

Golf Tournaments Are Popular

You can sponsor a golf tournament to make the name of your business more visible in the community. The PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and Tour host events throughout the year. If the name of your company was part of the name of the event, all updates on that event will use the name of your business.

You can host charity golf tournaments that give to a good cause. The name of your business, however, will be a headliner. The community will get to know the name of your company, and the charity tournament might become one of the most popular community events every year.

You Can Market Your Business Inside The Club

If you are working with a golf club, you can market your business in many different ways. You can sponsor a meeting room, or you might sponsor a certain hold on the course. You could sponsor different events at the club, or you could sponsor events that the club likes to host throughout the year. If the name of your business becomes synonymous with business at the club, you will see an increase in traffic on your website, phone calls, and profits.

Golf Paraphernalia Is Easy To Give Away

If you want to find promotional products your customers will enjoy, you can give away golf shirts, golf umbrellas, and hats. Your customers can use a golf umbrella every day, and they will enjoy having a few extra golf shirts to wear. You can sell these items as part of your promotional program, or you could give away these products with purchases. You might print the name of your partner golf club on the other side of an umbrella, or you might put the name of the club on the back of a hat.

If the two of you are working together, you both benefit from a bit of promotional marketing.


Using golf to market your business is a simple thing to do. You can find a golf club that will become your partner, and you can work with the club to sponsor events, sell merchandise, and host meetings. You can use the golf club to impress your clients, or you can take your clients to dinner at the club. Your business is much more recognizable when you are sponsoring golf tournaments, selling golf merchandise, and visiting the club with your clients regularly.