Happily Squished: Learning to Live in 270 Sq. Ft. + MORE

Happily Squished: Learning to Live in 270 Sq. Ft. + MORE

6 Ways Regular Exercise Can Improve Your LifeWe all know that exercise is good for us. It’s part of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can do more for you than just help you enjoy better health and help you maintain your desired weight.
Here are 6 other ways that exercise can improve your life:
1. More Energy
How many times have you watched children running around and exclaimed: “I wish I had that kind of energy!”
While it may not be possible to recover the energy of childhood, you can boost your energy level now…

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Fighting the Battle of Possibility vs. SecurityThis afternoon, two people I cross paths with got notice of a change in their lives. They’ll no longer be providing services for their company. Just like that, they’re out. It really brings up the question in my mind of, “What is job security?” Yesterday, their job was secure, or so they thought…

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Credit Cards Make You Fat and Dumb

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Credit Cards Make You Fat and DumbPlastic is powerful. Credit cards provide instant access to money you may not even have.On one hand, that’s great for obvious reasons. They’re convenient, help smooth out financial bumps between paychecks, come with consumer protections, and beat riskier alternatives like payday loans.On the other hand, researchers never stop pointing out how risky they can be…

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School Gives Club of Teens $100,000 to Play in the Stock MarketFor many children, one primary exposure to just a piece of financial literacy is the Stock Market Game. The public elementary school I attended pitted a hundred or so fourth-graders against each other. After a few months, the student with the highest overall account value, not taking fees or expenses into account like the real world, was crowned the winner…

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Cheap Meals: What are your Favorite Cheap Lunch Recipes?You just had a filling, healthy, and cheap breakfast. Relax, you’re good until at least 1 pm or so. No snacks needed.
But then 12:30 rolls around, and you start thinking, “Hey, it’s time to flex my cooking muscle. What healthy, nutritious, affordable lunch am I going to cook up today that will get me through to the dinner hour without snacking on a bunch of bee-killing, diabetes-inducing Monsanto Franken-corn or gut busting starch products?”
Well, you’ve found just the right post to emphatically produce an answer to that very question…

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Checking Your Free Credit Report in Canada

– canadianfinanceblog.com

Checking Your Free Credit Report in CanadaFor the most part, I think Canadians have the advantage over Americans. Our housing economy didn’t crash (completely), our banks don’t appear to be failing, and medical care is downright affordable. One place where our southern friends do have the advantage, however, is when it comes to credit reports…

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Maximum 401k Contribution for 2013 
Good news, the IRS has raised the 401K plan limits for 2013.
The 2013 maximum 401K Contribution

So the 2013 maximum 401K contribution is  now $17,500. This allows you to invest more into your 401K than in previous years. The new contribution limit also applies to the Roth 401K’s, 457 B plans, and 403 B plans…

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Hobbies That Retain or Create Value

– thesimepledollar.com

I have an old friend that collects vintage comic books. He owns several World War II-era Superman comics, many first issues of comics from the Silver Era, and lots of other issues with significant value. He mostly collects comics that were printed prior to 1980 and is meticulous about storing them…

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Many of us plan our finances so that we can build wealth over time. However, the problem with starting out from a place of fewer resources is that it’s easy to think of wealth as the end product. What should you do once you have achieved a certain level of wealth? Now that you have […]The post Got Wealth? 6 Strategies for Protecting It appeared first on Financial Highway.

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11 Totally Weird Kickstarter Campaigns That Somehow Hit Their GoalKickstarter projects are funded on a simple premise: Create a product idea and reward backers for pledging money. Funding is all or nothing. If you don’t hit your goal, you don’t get any of the money pledged.
While many Kickstarters seem destined to succeed, like an Amanda Palmer album or Veronica Mars movie, other wacky ideas have puzzlingly hit their goals, too…

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What is dividend distribution tax?

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What is dividend distribution tax?SJR Primecorp Parkway Homes | Pre launch offer for limited period!!!

Finance Minister has increased the Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT). The dividend distribution tax is at 12.5% for the debt funds earlier, now it has been increased to the 25%. It is is steep increase in the tax and would hurt the retail investors to attract more investments towards the debt funds…

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I get high.

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I’ve been doing a lot of blogging lately about real estate and the stock market. The last twelve months have been insane for both markets. Epic and unsustainable are some of the adjectives that come to mind for the recent  gains.
The general consensus amongst PF nerds is that one should strive to buy low and sell high…

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This is a guest post from Joe Saul-Sehy. Joe is the co-host of the relaxed financial podcast Stacking Benjamins, available on iTunes and Stitcher. His Stacking Benjamins blog, where he shares stories and tips about the struggle to earn, save and spend with a plan, debuted on June 11th. Do you lack the discipline to save? So do I, but discipline is nearly irrelevant…

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“More Money, Please” Review and Giveaway
Who doesn’t want more money? Money can provide us freedom and flexibility to live our lives how we want and do things that we otherwise would not be able to do. Whether it’s travelling, being able to use your time volunteering instead of working for a paycheck, or having more time to spend with friends and family, we all need money to reach our goals…

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How To Correctly Value And Analyze Investment PropertyUnlike stocks, there’s no easy way to ascertain the exact value of your current property or the property you plan to purchase. As a multi-property owner I’m glad there aren’t any ticker symbols jumping around every weekday because they are just a distraction. It’s all about buying, maintaining, and holding for as long as possible to build wealth when it comes to real estate…

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Best Credit Cards for Parents of Young KidsHaving young children is an enjoyable, challenging, and expensive time of life. If you are going to be spending so much money, why not try to get cash back, points, or other credit card perks? If used wisely, credit cards can save you a ton of money by generating extensive rewards on your normal everyday spending…

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Interview Preparation — In Advance

– freemoneyfinance.com

The following is an excerpt from the book Cut the Crap, Get a Job! a New Job Search Process for a New Era I will be running a series of excerpts from this book over the next several weeks.I am a BIG, BIG, BIG proponent of preparing for an interview in advance. I’ve written about it several times including An Interview is a Test You Can Study For and How to Stay Relaxed During (And Make the Most of) a Job Interview…

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Money Saving Tips for Seniors

– moneyning.com/

Money Saving Tips for Seniors
Many seniors are living on a fixed income, and even those living comfortably often look for ways to save money to travel more, leave a bigger inheritance, or simply have a larger nest egg for unexpected events.
Since many seniors saw their 401Ks dwindle with the stock market crash, planning for retirement has become a hot topic…

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Happily Squished: Learning to Live in 270 Sq. Ft.
(Guest post by Cat from Budget Blonde)
High up on a hill on a little Caribbean island called Grenada sits the cutest, tiniest 270 sq. ft. apartment you ever did see. It has no couch, no TV, no central AC, and no dishwasher, but despite its shortcomings, I’m proud to call it home.
While one person could definitely live here comfortably, I share it with my 6’3” husband, my furry dog, and the occasional ant that scurries across the counter…

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Best Deals for Thursday 06/13
Link for teaser title: 


Easy Pineapple Corer/Slicer $3, Bamboo Flooring $3 per sq. ft., Sierra Trading Post Clearance Sale: Up to 93%, and more!

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