Great Entrepreneurs are Born – Amateurs Need Guidance

Great Entrepreneurs are Born – Amateurs Need Guidance

businessman born from an egg

Are entrepreneurs born or made? That is often the question of people who want to be successful. They want to know whether they only need proper education to be able to succeed or to have innate characteristics to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in their industry.

Success is achieved through hard work and consistency of motivation, but staying successful and surviving in the world of business is another thing. They require innate characteristics that not everyone has.

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Being a successful entrepreneur takes knowledge, dedication and guts. Guts, really? You bet your ass an entrepreneur needs guts! Knowledge and dedication can be achieved by learning how to survive in business. Schools can provide you with knowledge on fundamentals of business, but that’s about it. Other people’s stories can make you motivated and dedicated in succeeding. But having the gut instincts on how to survive and making decisions that can be the turning point of your business and your life is not easily attained. It should be innate.

Are entrepreneurs born or made? The answer to the question should be clear by now. Being a great entrepreneur is a combination of innate talent and self-education. An individual with innate characteristics of a true businessperson who has been molded with invaluable experience can be the greatest entrepreneur that he can be.

Born with Guts and Survival Instincts

Trusting your gut may seem like a foolish move when it comes to business. Because most businessmen make decisions based on calculated variables and facts only, it may seem foolish that a businessman who is following his gut will succeed in business. But when you are left only with bad options, your gut will play a big role in the success or downfall of your business.

Your gut will justify the answer to the question, ‘Are entrepreneurs born or made?’ Trusting and following your gut is not a bad move. It will not only make you more capable of making decisions on your own but will also increase your confidence in deeming yourself as someone who can make decisions that will make your business successful. Yet, you need to be knowledgeable to be able to justify your decision.

But that is not something that everyone has. To be able to have the guts that will tell you if something is wrong or something wrong will happen to your beloved – you need to have an innate survival instinct. People that are born with innate characteristics of an entrepreneur possess instincts for survival. They do things that they need to do, regardless of some required losses, to be able to achieve their goal. This is not something that you learn at school. But to be able to determine which decision they should take, they need to have proper knowledge to commit a calculated risk. So if you are going to ask, are entrepreneurs born or made, they are actually both.


People that are born entrepreneurs possess ambition that you cannot just instigate in a person at school. Even when you educate a person properly, if he has no ambition of his own, he will not succeed in what he is doing, particularly in business.

Ambition is having vision on what you are doing. Without it, a person will not be able to innovate what he already created or won’t be able to create something that will be ground-breaking. So are entrepreneurs born or made? They are definitely made and molded to be better.


Great entrepreneurs do not just follow rules. They are disciplined and they create their own way of getting things done. Working late (without overworking) and doing what is best for their business first is what great entrepreneurs do. This is not something that you can just make a person do, especially on a regular basis. People who do not have self-discipline will likely do the right things in front of other people or when times get tough. But people who have innate discipline will continue to do so even when things are smooth and easy.


Great entrepreneurs are born hungry. They are hungry for success, for something better, and for something challenging. These things are what make them survive and succeed in the world of business.

So are entrepreneurs born or made? They are a combination of both. But people who have been born with innate characteristics tend to succeed and survive more than those who are just molded in schools and placed where they grab ideas and adapt to their environment.