Getting Overwhelmed When Working from Home? Go Virtual

Starting a business and living frugally are two things that don’t seem to have much in common. By choosing the right office solutions, however, you can redirect your energy (and money!) into living the kind of life you want, whether that includes a flexible daily schedule or room to develop your business.

Virtual office solutions are not about simply setting up wireless laptops in Starbucks or the lobby of your local hotel. These locations aren’t equipped for entertaining clients, hosting video conferences or accommodating employees. As the owner of a promising new business, you need to create a positive first impression through your postal address, telephone answering services and physical premises.

This is a handy concession for people who are not yet ready to sign a lease on office premises. A formal property lease can be an expensive and risky undertaking that many new business owners are hesitant to do, particularly if they need ready cash to operate on a month-to-month basis and tying that money up in rent, furnishings, utilities, cleaning, security and maintenance is unwise.

Serviced offices (as the name suggests) also provide services that are indispensable to growing businesses. Reception, IT and administration support that include call answering services, mail forwarding and data recovery can keep business operations running continually. The services are also scalable in the sense that if a small business’s needs change, they can simply expand or scale back the services without incurring significant costs.
But one of the biggest advantages of opting for virtual office packages is the flexibility they provide– not only in terms of the wide array of hotdesks, office suites and business lounges on offer, but in terms of how quickly the offices can be set up and disbanded without the necessity for lengthy notice periods. This is handy for small businesses that might require adaptable solutions while in the early stages of their development.

If you’re currently working from home or trudging back and forth from your local coffee shop, consider upgrading your image and location without the commitment and overheads that come with signing the lease on an office building.