Five For Friday: The Big East is Coming to an End

syracuse orangeWell it is Friday again.  Do these weeks seem to be flying by or what?  I had the privilege of watching a Hangout that turned into a Youtube live session on taxes last night.  The session was hosted by Carrie at along with her 2 co hosts Andrea at Nuts and Bolts Media and Emily at

Speaking of Emily Chase, last week I received an email that said, “Wanted to let you know that I mentioned you as one of the 15 Financial Great Brains You Must Know.”  Thinking it was spam at first, I made sure I clicked on the link with caution.  Sure enough it opens up and bam, there I am sitting there on the list with some of the greats like J$, Ramit, etc.  It really felt great, make sure you go over and check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.  OK here it is while I have you here I don’t want you to leave.

Top Financial Brains

Here they are the Five for Friday in no particular order:

This post is hilarious make sure you check it out, I am sure we have all had these internal dialogues.  Take a visit over to J$ at BudgetsAreSexy where he discusses his office chair dilemma.

Average Joe’s when I was a new financial advisor.  Look into the mind of a new advisor and see it through his eyes.  It is not as pretty as we think it is.

I had heard of Pat Flynn, but never really took the time to browse his site or even check out some of his podcasts, but last night I sat there for close to 2.5 hours watching his podcasts, they are freaking amazing.  Check this out on how to use free in your business.  I coincidentally stumbled upon this by stalking Carrie at Careful Cents YouTube feed.  🙂

MMM got rid of his expensive cell phone plan first, now he discusses carrying around a little black box hotspot!

Well it is March what would it be without a little March Madness talk from Frugal Rules.  Anyways let’s go SYRACUSE as they play the Hoyas tonight!

Enjoy the weekend, and I hope that I find myself sitting in front of the TV Saturday night watching Syracuse in the Big East Finals.

photo by: patentboy

2 thoughts on “Five For Friday: The Big East is Coming to an End

  1. Thanks for the mention Chris, I really appreciate it! Syracuse ended my team’s season (K-State) last year, though it did not surprise me much. The latest bracket I have seen has us meeting in the second round again…hoping for a much different result this time. 😉

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