Financial Success Relies on Your Ability to Elude Your Comfort Level

Starting a business with a motive to be listed among the Fortune 500 companies? Great! That’s absolutely the kind of mind set you need to have. If you have confidence in yourself and believe in your ideas, along with consistent hard work to achieve your goal and accomplish your dreams, it’s very much possible. But it’s not all that easy. It’s no child’s play to rank among the biggest companies in the world.

It takes more than just hard work and enthusiasm. It requires you to move out of your comfort level. Do things which you haven’t done in your life. Meet people whom you don’t know/like. Make deals that benefit others more than they do to you. Sacrifice your sleep, your peace of mind, and what not.

Here’s what Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has to say about comfort zone – “Just as a person’s health is a result of habits, so is a person’s financial position”.

In one of his posts on the Rich Dad Education blog, he talked about comfort zone and why it’s important to get out of it. Then he went on to talk about taking action with positive momentum, but even before discussing about comfort level, he briefs the excitement phase.

The Rich Dad Poor Dad author, other authors, and successful business people around the world endorse the ‘step out of comfort zone’ formula. For it impacts a person’s personality and makes them do things which they think they aren’t capable of doing. A person starts to realize their own self and understands what they can and what he should do to makes things easy and beneficial for them financially.

Anyway, rather than going talking more on the ‘what’ factor, let’s delve into the ‘how to’ factor now. How you can get out of the comfort zone swiftly and make it do wonders for you?

Stop Procrastinating

The first rule to move out of your comfort zone to achieve financial success is by avoiding procrastination. Procrastination or laziness is more like a disease. It makes people believe that things can be delayed, can be done later. As a result, work remains incomplete and people remain where they are for years, without moving an inch forward on improving financially.

While some companies started off on a good note, they didn’t go any further because of procrastination by the founders. Other companies didn’t even start. The ideas remained just ideas because of lack of action. So it’s important to avoid this trap of procrastination in order to achieve financial success in life.

Continuous Action

The moment people hear the word ‘action’, a lot think that taking action only once would accomplish our business results in one day. But that’s not the case in reality. By action we mean continuous and consistent work that evolves the business and make things fall in place, in your favor.

Taking baby steps is better than not taking any action at all. Keep the vision big but take one step at a time. It will bring you closer to achieving financial success with every step. And also you’ll be out of the comfort level without you even knowing about it.

Avoid the trap of excitement, for it will make you take decisions in a snap. Snap decisions can sometime backfire. There are situations when quick decision making works like magic, but most of the time it goes against the decision maker.

Change the Routine

The biggest roadblock in achieving financial success is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Someone has rightly said, “You cannot achieve different results by doing the same thing again and again”. You have to change. Bring change in your routine and come up with some new routine which is more refreshing and enjoyable.

For example: If you work day-in and day-out at your office, avoid it. Take breaks. It is known by taking breaks through out your work day makes you work more efficiently. But work without any interruptions. Likewise, if you work 8-10 hours a day, increase your work hours or hire an employee or two. See to it that neither productivity is affected, nor your health and work life balance.

Minor changes make a big impact on your business. You don’t have to be worried all the time. Relax. Plan well, take baby steps, change the routine and make it healthy.

Change the Beliefs

Change the beliefs and the thoughts. If you so far thought your business is hard work and struggle, adopt a new belief that business is fun. It is a part of life. Think that business is something you’ve chosen for yourself and no matter what; your willing to do whatever it takes to make it a success!

If you think you don’t know anything, still act like a pro. Think like an expert. Once you change your beliefs and your routine, you no longer will complain about financial failures. Success will come to you.

But to change the beliefs means to come out of your comfort zone. This is only possible if you transform your perceptions about how money works and accept the reality that this day and age has evolved.

Try New Things

Trying new things to boost your confidence level. The more confident you are, the better you can increase your financial intelligence. Do things which you generally don’t such as buying a second home to rent out, buying into a risky investment, or even starting up the business you’ve always wanted.

Doing so will move you out of the comfort zone. It would increase your ability to elude your comfort level and be more successful financially. Besides that, doing new things will increase your ability to understand how money works. You can make more clear decisions personally and business wise.

Get Busy

Last but not the least, get busy. Being busy keeps you out of the comfort zone. And to be busy, you’ll have to follow all that’s discussed so far in this article. That is, stop procrastination, change your beliefs, change your routine, do continuous action, and try new things.

Stretch yourself and break the barriers of comfort. Work hard, monitor your work, do amendments, take quick decision, and work like a pro; you’ll see exceptional growth in your business or financial intelligence like never have before.

Increase your ability to elude your comfort level. You’ll achieve your goals, slowly but surely make your dream and vision a reality, and get the financial success you deserve.