'Fifty Shades of Grey' Penthouse in Seattle Sells For $6.2 Million + MORE

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Penthouse in Seattle Sells For $6.2 MillionFiled under: News

By Sean Keeley

For those of us who haven’t read “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” you might be as surprised as us to learn that the major events of the steamy book series take place in the penthouse of the Escala tower at 1920 4th Avenue in Seattle. Even if you haven’t read the book, you’re probably not surprised to learn that the real-life penthouse has sold for the massive price tag of $6…

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David Cross

Why I left news.

Zack Mirsberger

The NYTimes is redesigning. We like it.
Google pays fine over street view privacy breaches.

Chris Kolmar

The answers to all of your Ultra Ever Dry questions.
Employeers taking their sweet time to hire.
Food truck economics.

Nick Johnson

Hasid or Hipster?

Randy Nelson

The rise and fall of 4 winged birds…

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A Flipper’s View: The When and What of Staging

– biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/

A Flipper’s View: The When and What of Staging
There are a million and one articles about staging a home for sale.  No one can argue the incredible value that staging your home brings to the table.
For the first six years of our family’s real estate investing, we were strictly fix n’ flippers.  For survival, we had to learn ways to spread the margin between our all-in-costs and the sales price of our flip…

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Freddie Mac Shares Optimistic Outlook For 2013

– therealestatebloggers.com

Freddie Mac, one of the key mortgage lenders, has issued it’s outlook for the real estate market and it is coming up roses. Now every increased percentage point of property value removes a huge amount of risk to their mortgage portfolio, so every bit of positive spin needs to be recognized as slightly self serving, the news is still great…

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